Armor and Dynamic Poses - my weak points!
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Thread: Armor and Dynamic Poses - my weak points!

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    Armor and Dynamic Poses - my weak points!

    Hello folks!

    I draw only in my spare time outside of work (which really isn't a lot of time), and lately I've been trying to work on two things, as my title says - armor and dynamic posing. Most of my drawings I do to elaborate on the characters in one of the tabletop sessions my group of friends has in both Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. I'm working on trying to be able to make characters be in 'natural' and dynamic poses, while also trying to perfect armor.

    I've never been very good at either, though I have improved recently compared to how I use to be. Any critiques, advice and such would be so highly appreciated.


    (You'll have to forgive the large image sizes- until I get photoshop on my computer, the only program I have to downsize would be MSPaint, which warps the picture even more than my horrible scanner does! I will resize soon, perhaps only a few days.)

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