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  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    3 1.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    21 7.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    36 13.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    43 15.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    113 41.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    11 4.00%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    60 21.82%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    32 11.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    78 28.36%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    4 1.45%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    21 7.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    123 44.73%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    50 18.18%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    9 3.27%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    8 2.91%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    41 14.91%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    6 2.18%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    113 41.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    19 6.91%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    3 1.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    11 4.00%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    29 10.55%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    66 24.00%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    97 35.27%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    3 1.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    10 3.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    7 2.55%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    16 5.82%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    93 33.82%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    15 5.45%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    69 25.09%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    32 11.64%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    17 6.18%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    70 25.45%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    77 28.00%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    29 10.55%
  • Chow 146 :: VOTING :: Queen Titania

    14 5.09%
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    Wolfentir: Your lineart is simple and effective, and the coloring looks very natural. Her arm and shoulder resting on the tree look a little off - her shoulder seems too high. My only real crit with the design is that she doesn't read as a queen, or a fairy, but that's subjective.

    fersteger: Beautiful environment. Of all of them I think yours looks the most wild and natural. Her figure and face are also lovely.

    anamirela: I loved your entry. Sweet design, and the little skulls are a great detail.

    darknight: The veins in her wings turned out nicely, but your palette is over saturated and her anatomy could use some work. Her arms are very thin and lack definition. Also be careful of using pure black for your shadows. Just about all shadows are affected by bounced and reflected light, by using pure black you can muddy up your colors and flatten the image.

    Artofinca: I love how tribal her design feels, and the subtle use of red to make her face the focus. The streams of light are also a nice touch. In some areas the shading is overly dark, like around her hips, and the finish of the image is inconsistent. Her face and the details of her headdress are my favorite part.

    LA-Fairy: Her wings turned out nicely. The anatomy stands out the most as needing correcting. Her proportions are inconsistent and her hips are attached oddly. Also try to keep a light source in mind - right now everything has been given the same amount of light and shadow.

    revenebo: I laughed when I saw this one, the concept is fantastic. The touches like her scepter, little wings, and expression really sell it.

    Tommoy: She's very regal looking. Beautiful finished entry, it has a wonderful flow to it and your color choices are lovely. The only thing that stuck out to me is the arm behind her - the elbow is too high and the joint is strange. Otherwise the anatomy is great.

    naRai: Man.. that is sinister! Her face really draws you in. Anatomy is exaggerated but beautiful. Great lighting too.

    Kroevyn: The drape and shading of the fabric is gorgeous, and the subdued palette reminds me of fairy tale illustrations I saw when I was little. One thing I noticed, which is more apparent in the thumbnail, is that her staff is not straight. It looks like she's bending it around her back. Her wings look more skeletal than see-through, which is due to the sharpness of the lines. If they were a little softer they wouldn't seem so stark and severe.

    erinel: Blue is my favorite color, so that's already a plus in my book. I like that you went with the ice route too. As you already said, the anatomy of her arm is off, but I think it's awesome you went natural media.

    Sekino: She seems very druid like, and I love that she's glowing. I know it's probably not what you were going for, but I would have liked to see some shading on her body

    dwinbotp: Great finished entry! The way her legs stretch and the environment curves is a little disorienting, but your use of color and the lighting is very effective.

    plissken:The swirls look like they were almost carved into her skin and the wing design is interesting. The anatomy of her lower half could use some work, especially at her tush and knees.

    shannanigan: One of my favorites this round. Her arms and head seem a little out of proportion to the rest of her body, but yours was one of the few entries (or only? I can't remember ) that included the Indian boy and the design all around turned out fantastic.

    O_O Good grief, that's just one page! I need a break. I don't know if I'm up to commenting on everyone, haha

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    To keep my votes to a reasonable number, I tried to decide what factors to consider. Besides the standard factors (technical skill, composition, etc.), I thought about what distnguishes Titania from a standard fantasy fairy character.

    Three things: The first two are beauty and menace, both in an uneasy balance. The third is feyness, an otherworldliness, the impression that while Titania might look human or humanesque, she is NOT a human being.

    In addition, I also looked to see how far each artist pushed the boundaries of the standard representation of the character.

    So, I ended up voting for: Matt Dixon, Nether (very nuch toward the inhuman side, but still beautiful), Ciaee, Dan!, Ferrous Zack, Nutter, Trevor, and dayz.

    Strong contenders, but not quite making the cut: Arthemis IX, Poshspice, Shannigan, and openanewworld.

    And, not meeting the criteria I'd set for voting consideration, but the Piece I'd Most Like To Have Hanging On My Wall: Bluefooted. Just an absolutely lovely piece of work.

    This was a very strong CHOW. Thanks for all the hard work, everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daestwen View Post

    grenogs: If you go into 'Go Advanced' you'll see a little paper clip icon, that is the attachment editor, and you can upload images directly to that.

    cheers daestwen, i think i should have asked this a little sooner, but sh*t happens, at least i'll know next time

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    My two favorites didn't make it to poll (Franna and Jpedro) so I had to rethink my votes a bit.
    Eventually went for Mat Dixon, Decaying Lolita and Posh Spice.

    If anyone has some comments on my pic I would greatly appreciate it, at some point it would be nice to get past the "not finished" catagory, so it helps to know what i'm doing wrong.

    Thanks ^_^
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    Something tells me I may be here for a while commenting, but here goes nothing! Red are the ones I voted for.

    Angel you've some nice elements in this, and I like the idea of the pet snake, but it would have been nice, if rather than spending time painting the snake, you'd maybe elaborated on her wings, maybe given them some structure, or a different textural feel to her dress.

    Arthemix IX: A lovely idea to make the sleeves of her kimono the wings of the butterfly, but the major problem Ihave with this, is without being told it was titania, there is no way I'd have guessed. She comes across more as perhaps some japanese spirit.

    Jason Strutz: I keep coming back to this one just for it's unusual design. I love the fact she's not some pretty fairy type, or a sexy half naked chick, that she looks kind of menacing. Only thing that stopped me voting was that the donkey steals all the attention!

    Kroevyn: A lovely traditional rendering, this feels like something fro an old masters painting, and she has the lovely mature feel of a queen about her, without being over the top. Only thing I'd tweak would be to make sure the staff was either straight across her back, or curved a little more, as it's at that weird point now where if feels like it's broken. But a lovely image, I particularly like the crown of butterflies.

    Matt: Gods I envy your ability with colour! Love the way she glows but not blindingly so. I'm in two minds over this.. I love the final piece, but part of me wishes there were a little more to her design to pick her out as a queen.

    Nether: I like the fact you've tried to incorporate so much of nature in her design, and I actually quite like the insectoid legs, even though part of me wonders how she stands upright on them without falling over. Only crit I'd have is in her expression, as I'm not too sure whether she's smiling or not. That angle is such a tricky one to get expressions right in, but I think it comes down to the fact that the outer edges of her mouth seems to be sitting lower than the centre of her mouth, which is why she looks a little like she's grimacing. But other than that I love her!

    Deadred: yours was one of the ones that caught my attention, as she comes across as more than just your average fairy, and I like the darker gothic twist you've put into it, especially with the bat wings. The extra creatures perhaps do carry her a little, but they're much more in the background, and you're in no doubt as to who's in charge.

    Narai: your stands out to me as one of the more unusual, there's something about it that grabs the attention, but again, I'm not sure I would ever have guessed this to be titania without knowing.

    D@niel: One of my faves of this challenge, I love the colours, the polished finish on her, and the way all the elements of the background add a little more to her character without detracting from it. Really love her slightly more animalistic nose style too, and the use of colour on her body is gorgeous. No crits from me on this one!

    Yoitisi: The values in this already have a lovely feel to them, but I can't help feel that the little satyr (?) at her feet steals attention from her, in so much as he feels like he was way more character than she does. You might want to watch the proportions in her legs too, the one that's bent, when unfurled would be longer than the one that'\s stood straight at the moment.

    Masque: No doubting that this is an elemental being here, but again, same crit as I've had before, in that I wouldn't have pinned her as a fairy queen, more as a spirit of the winds, coming out of the clouds like that. I do love her more otherworldly features though, they're lovely.

    Ciaee: one of my absolute faves in this competition. I adore the colours, the design, and the way the fae-ness of her is implied. Not sure if I'd have guessed titania without being told, but this is one of those hypocritical moments I have where the overall finish of the design and the uniqueness of the piece overrides that. Gorgeous stuff.

    Dan: Ooh, loving the design of this lady.. i have a thing for more voluptuous female figures anyway, and the colour and composition of this is great. Again the addition of the smaller fairies would leave me in no doubt as to who this might be.

    Grendel: your colours, as ever are lovely, I especially like the way her hair stands out, but I'm not getting a fairy queen vibe from it much at all... her top half works really well.. but mayeb it's just the fact my brain is programmed to associate feathers with angelic beings rather than fae.

    Quinn: hee hee... she looks like what might happen if Disney decided to give maleficent a fae-queen make over! Love the gold tones, they definitely help with her regality. Can't help but feel like the background detracts from her design a little, though I'm hard pressed to say why exactly... it sort of feels like there should be more there, where a plain background might have allowed me to solely focus on her.

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    Vorace: Love the way she leaps off the canvas, so to speak, in those great purplish tones, and her design is really quite funky. Background adds nicely to it too. Her overall proportions feels a little off somewhere to me... maybe the fact her boobs are so small, yet so rounded and pushed up from her rib cage and the fact I'm not quite sure whether she's sat on the log or not makes her posture feel awkward. But other than that, a great piece.

    FerrociousJack: gotta give you credit for taking titania into a realm I wouldn't ever have seen her in! not sure if the idea really works for me, though the colors work well,, my eyes are constantly drawn to the part where the explosion meets her wings, as it's the most contrast, drawing attention away from the character herself.

    Fersteger: *sigh* this is my favourite piece of the whole challenge. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and was hugely disappointed not to see more illustrative work on your website (though what's there is lovely) as I've never seen a work that handles tones that are so similar so wonderfully. She just about pins down how I would see titania myself, just the right blend of human and ethereal. Gorgeous stuff.

    Revenebo: Tee hee, this one makes me giggle... the raspeberry staff is awesome, and I love the fact her subjects have to carry her!

    Icemoon: there's some nice idea in here, I really like the antennae headpiece and her fragile looking limbs. The dress itself feels a tad negligé for me, which diminishes her queenly-ness. The rich background colours are nice, and you're certainly in no doubt she's a fairy. You might want to watch the proportions of her arms though, given her legs and torso are so long, I would have expected her arms to be too, and they feel a little short, even with perspective involved.

    dwinbotp: Unusual design, it's nice to see something like that done here.. she almost feels a touch giger-ish. The background adds a nice touch of otherwordlyness to the image. The lines of the composition feel very... geometric, the fact that her main body lines (ie that f her torso and the wings) are almost cross-shaped fights against the more natural feel her design has. That and the very bright spot over to the right drawing my attention are the only crits I'd have.

    Nutter: I really like the rendering of this piece, and the muted colour scheme. I like her design, even though it's quite straight forward, the only issue I have is the fact her wings feel so flat... if you could have got a little curve on them, or maybe even extended the canvas to show them all, it might have helped, but it's a minor point in an otherwise nice piece.

    Marco mazzoni: This lady has one of my favourite designs, I love the more insectoid appearance that's echoed in her surroundings. The unsettling colour scheme is nice too, she almost feels like a post apocalyptic titania. Great stuff.

    Trevor: If these challenges were just to creating a kickass piece of artwork, you'd have my vote every time, but this time round I can't help but feel the design of the creatures about her is more kickass that titania herself. There's hints at the fact she might be quite the sight to behold, but the illustration kind of obscures her. But colour, composition and technical skill are mint.

    Jefita: I'd certainly be in no doubt as to who this lady is, and I actually think you could have cropped it down to just being her for a stronger piece. Really like the lighting and the design of her outfit. Only suggestion I have is to think about the textural quality of things... everything is painted right now as if it were made of the same stuff... maybe adding in a few subtle photo textures on top might help.

    Nightblue:Yours is another very traditional-feeling titania, the kind you'd see in a fairy story book, colours are lovely, as is the delicate pose. Only nitpicks I have is that the roses (if that's what they are) look a little odd.. in so much as the petals seem to be arranged oddly. But that might just be me as I've drawn a few in my lifetime! And that her hair feels a little green... a couple of the warmer pinks and grey shades in it might help that.

    Jeremy: Tee hee, another one that makes me giggle, you've certainly give titania a whole heap of character with that piece! I love her exaggerated proportions and unconventional looks! I touwld have bene nice to have seen a little more saturation on her and less in the background, so she leapt out a bit more, but it's a minor niggle.

    Decaying Lolita: I love her almost pan-like headdress, and the pose suggests she's beckoning the viewer to follow, which I really like too. The background colours are perhaps a little all over the place, I can't help but feel the piece would have been stronger for having one or maybe two hues at the most, in varying strengths to help pop her out of the background.

    Bluefooted: When I saw the sketch for this one, I was going to comment on the proportions of her, her legs felt a little awkward . And they still do a bit now, but colour seems to have detracted from that a great deal. Which baffles me! Lovely design as always, and your colours are breathtaking. Love it.

    Bug Meyer: Again, kudos for thinking outside the pretty lady box, and the composition of the piece is awesome. She definitely has a great regal feel to her, but I don't wonder if the lack of any human features makes her perhaps a little too alien for a fairy queen? Might just be me though!

    Posh: Awesome technical piece, as ever, but (and gods don't hate me for this) it reminds me a little too much of the works of Amy brown, albeit on a much higher scale. No doubting she's definitely a titania, but she's not one of my faves from you.

    Sentinel13: Ooh, loving this design, she's something a bit different again. The small wings and ferns definitely add something unusual, and the background gives me a light sense of unease about her. Lovely colour combo too.

    Shannanigan: Another unusual setting for a titania, though I do actually like it. Not sure if the little boy at her arm detracts from her a bit, as he's the main contrast in the piece, red against those greeny golds and yellows, but I like her spunk, she's got attitude!

    Ionic: I love the finsh of this piece, the bold brushwork and simplicity in texture really brings it to life. No doubting who she is, and her design is quite unusual, she comes across almost like a ranger of some kind, a forest tracker, which I like! No crits, I think the piece is perfect as is.

    openanewworld: Again, another I love for it's slight incomplete brushwork. The values you had on the black and white wip were perfect, ad translated well into the colour final. Colours balance nicely, and the surroundings give her a great fairy-esque presence.

    Days: I think the composition of this is bold, and I love the colours in it, but I can't help but feel that the fabric is stealing attention from the figure a little. If someone had told me this was a mythical/storybook figure, I'd have probably guessed at Little Red Riding hood, but it's a great piece.

    Felida: A classic story book fairy scene! Love the fox and the design of titania's headpiece, though I'd have loved to have seen more of a close up just on her and maybe the fox, and for you to have really gone all out on her. Great illustration though!

    OMG.. *falls over* Great, great round guys, almost makes me glad I didn't have time for it, I'd have been swamped in all this awesome work!

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    I've been trying put new stuff in these Chow thingies, and I'm actually pretty surprised they get into the polls cause I sit and look at them and just don't like them... I'm not too confident with colouring and stuff, so I spose I could use a little help with that if anytihng, My favourites are actually the less colourful/ crowded ones - ciaee, deadred (I also agree that maybe the creatures are carrying the character a little, but they also add to her personality), narai, dan!, fersteger, and nutter.

    Dayz' entry looks more like red riding hood to me.

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    Firstly, I'd like to say that I hope I didn't misspell anybody's name, I tend to do that sometimes, and if it was a case this time, I apologize in advance...

    I voted for (tried to limit myself to 3):

    : I really like your unusual interpretation of the subject. I think it was daring to make her look so insect like, since I feel people relate better to more human looking characters. I like the way you framed her with the background and the purposefully placed flower that makes her skin stand out from the environment. I also like the atmosphere of the image, those little glowing bits really make it look magical.

    Mat Dixon: I love how she glows, it is very eye catching and for me it one of the most memorable pieces in this round. She definitely has this unearthly feel about her, and the moment you look at her you know that she's a faerie.

    fersteger: When I first saw the image i felt like there was a discord between the character and the background/foreground element. My eye would wonder to flowers and plants instead of the character. The more I look at this image, the more it grows on me though, and the more I like it. I think the figure is absolutely beautiful, and she definitely looks very regal. I also like the classical pose it is very graceful.

    Other images that caught my eye:

    Bluefooted: I have always admired your work, and this image is no exception. I love the butterfly wing dress and how her hair turns into starts. Your work has storybook feel to it, and it reminds me of all the things I enjoyed in books as a child, it is very inspiring.

    Openanewworld: This is a very beautiful illustration, I love the idea behind the image (I think how she's feeding other faeries with her blood is brilliant) The figure is gorgeous and so is the lighting. My only critique would be that it doesn't feel entirely finished to me. I don't think it'd need much more work, I'd just like to see some areas on the character a little bit more polished, but perhaps I'm just nitpicking. All in all it's a lovely image.

    Trevor: I really like the supporting characters in this image, I think they are what really makes that Illustration for me. Those creatures with pointed noses look just awesome!

    Claee: I adore her translucent dress and her childlike demeanor. She is beautiful, and the colors and lighting really make her seem like a creature from another world. The animal head and puddle of blood are a great touch as well. I think your interpretation is closest to the type of creatures faeries would be in my eyes.

    Marco: You always impress me with what you do (I had your Dune weekly as my screen background for a while) and I really like your interpretation of Titania as well. I like how you included insect elements, and yet managed to still make her look humanoid. The environment is great as well, and I think it suits the character.

    Kroevyn: I love her headdress! The color palette of the image really draws attention to it. I also like her outfit a lot and her translucent wings.

    Pixeltuner: Her outfit is gorgeous, and i like the energy of the image. The hair wrapping around the branch is a nice touch, and I find the composition very attractive. It feels like everything moves with her when she passes through.

    Deadred:: The first thing I noticed looking at your image was the character, so I didn't notice the huge bunny and the accompanying monster right away. (I love the design on that guy by the way!) I really like how she glows, and the arms turning into wings are a cool and creepy touch.

    I liked most of the entries in this round (some of them I didn't mention here, because I didn't feel like I had enough to say about them) Great job to everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel13 View Post
    shannanigan: One of my favorites this round. Her arms and head seem a little out of proportion to the rest of her body, but yours was one of the few entries (or only? I can't remember ) that included the Indian boy and the design all around turned out fantastic.

    Thanks for voting for my piece! And yeah the arms are bugging me actually. "Skeleton-wise" they are ok, but I think the poofy sleeve design and hands (too big) are throwing it off. I may revisit them and make adjustments later. Her head is on purpose though... its the "Disney Princess" effect. LOL!

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    Ok, here's the rest that's in poll. Sorry for the delay!

    Nether - I liked how you incorporated all the different things into her design. I agree with I think Zephri pointed out, it doesn't seem as if she could walk. But hey, she's magical, she'll find a way.

    Jeremy Hoffman - I liked the design, and her expression. Probably the only thing I find with it is she doesn't seem all that royal, or maybe more like a princess playing then a Queen playing. But I love her personality, and fae are tricky little things.

    D@niel - loved the piece, it was beautiful. The far hand bothered me on this for some reason and I don't know why. Sorry, not much of a crit. But, I really did love this piece.

    Jefita - really loved this scene, I think you really captured her. I have a feeling though, and seeing what you wrote, that you didn't quite finish it the way you wanted.

    Felida - love the story book feeling and the pastel colors.

    Dayz - really great piece. Love the way you did her wings. But, I think that because it's such a bold color, Tatiana sorta blends into the sky, and you really don't see her so much.

    Nutter - loved this. She looks a lot like a gargoyle, and I think it was an awesome idea to have that tie in. The piece doesn't seem finished because her wings, to me, look like they didn't get as much love as her. Like they should be a little more textured. If that makes any sense.

    Trevor - love the feel to this piece. And the design is just amazing! She seem to have a very commanding personality in this piece, which I like. And you captured the ethereal quality without making her seem scary.

    Icemoon - the design elements are nice. But, I think her right leg is a bit stiff, and a little short it seems. Also, I think her arms should probably be a little bit longer. Love her scepter? I think I spelled that wrong.

    Revenebo - fun image, I liked her.

    Fersteger - loved this image. She is gorgeous and you did a great job with all the details.

    dwinbotp - love all the nature elements and the colors are wonderful.

    FerrousJack - nice direction you took.

    Quinn Simoes - Wonderful design. Couple things I noticed 1. the winged part of her shoulder things on her left side is a little wonky. I think that highlight is what throws it off. It makes it look like its a part of her head. And her wings don't seem to matcher her, they seem like they should be grander.

    Kroveyn - love her image, it's very beautiful and she seems very elegant and regal. Only thing, her staff is broken.

    Yoitisi - wish I could've seen her in color, I think it would be gorgeous that way too. Love the satyr. I think her head may be a little big.

    Grendel Grack - loved the design and her wings are wonderful. I think though, since so much focus is drawn towards those orbs, a little more love could've been given to them.

    Masque - beautiful image, I love how she's rolling out of the clouds and I enjoyed watching your painting technique progress.

    Ciaee - I loved this image. I think you captured fairy exactly.

    I think, possibly, I got everyone in the poll. If I didn't get you, and you want me to give you a crit, just say so. I don't go in order, it keeps me sane, but also makes it really difficult to see if I got everyone.

    I'm may try to get everyone else. Such a big round!
    And, if anyone finds time and sees anything they'd like to crit on mine I'd really appreciate it. I know how long that takes though.

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    They are all quite lovely, and all so different. I voted for Matt Dixon mostly because he captured the mishieviousness of the elfen nature. He incorporates beauty with magik and nature. His image is clear and his colors work very well together. Nice Matt!
    "Creativity emerges only when the imagination is given the freedom it deserves."

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    Quote Originally Posted by daestwen View Post
    Harsh with the cuts this week, sorry guys, but you have to follow the guidelines, especially in rounds like this. :/

    no wips
    Christoffer (also not attached).
    Yup! Totally missed it. I'm not surprised though. I seem to be forgetting all kinds of stuff these days. I think I might be turning prematurely senile. I'm glad I at least participated in this fantastic and huge round, I learned a lot. I'll remember the rules next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel13 View Post
    Christoffer: The design of the crown and corset are lovely, but I think you could have pushed your darks more. There are also some key shadows missing that flatten it out, such as under the hand on her hip, on her forehead under her crown, the beads and wrap around her leg, and under the fabric that drapes across her thigh. The fabric is inconsistent - you can really tell at the edges. At her sleeves they look paper thin, but the shading at her elbow suggests it's much thicker.
    Thank you very much for taking the time. I really appreciate it. My entry was a clumsy effort and even though I didn't make the cut because of my own lack attention, I'm thinking of editing my character in hope of making an improvement. Your crits will most definitely come in handy. Thanks again.
    Last edited by Christoffer; February 10th, 2009 at 05:39 PM.

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    amazing work everyone, you all area a goal to reach towards.

    i voted for
    Matt Dixon I love the way you made her glow, as she sits there all mischievous with a smirk. the piece really stood out.

    deadred the dark fairy look worked great. she looks regal and full brooding power.for some reason she stood out as the most "evil" of the queens

    Daniel her and her environment are wonderfully put together. i pleasure to view

    Ciaeeis my favorite. you captured a plethora of imagery in such a ingenious design. wicked yet innocent, playful yet dark, beautiful yet creepy.

    vorace i love the color you used and how phoenix like she looks.

    dwinbotb love the design of how earthen she is and combined with colorful interesting background, very nice.

    Trevor this image captured my attention from the start and kept it till the end. such an unforgiving presence of malice.

    sentinal13 the her eyes and wings keep grabbing my eyes. so otherworldly. amazing work

    Ionic i love the way it looks. the interaction with the fairy's around and just how peacful the image is.
    Spiral out keep going!
    my sketchbook

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    Such a big round!
    Voted for:
    POSHSPICE from the first sketch done in lunch break that you posted I knew I'll vote for,
    SENTINEL13 cool character and most of all for the fair play (time spent doing crits for everybody, even for those not being in the poll!)
    TREVOR for such a great piece of artwork full of details from the finals and, of course, for the sliced version from the poll!

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    Comments/Crits Part I

    Thanks everyone, for the comments and crits! I guess it's giving back time. C:

    Matt Dixon:
    I love the colors in yours and her dress is really beautiful. Very lovely mood.

    I really liked your WIP when it was just beginning to get some color. I think you overdid the effects and added too many elements in the final, and things just weren't really in harmony anymore.

    The edges are too soft and that blurs the separation of the objects, and the distinction between the foreground and the background. I liked the character design though- adding camouflage textures to them is a cool idea.

    I think yours is beautiful and I like her expression. If I were to nitpick, her right calf (left to us) feels just a little thicker and shorter than her left.

    I like the atmosphere of your painting, but the position and angle of her head feels quite unnatural. I think that it would be a good idea to look for references as a guide.

    I think that your character design is very cool and my favorite part is her tail. There's something about her hair though- it doesn't feel like it's in the same perspective as the rest of her head.

    Marco Mazzoni:
    Yours blew me away when I first saw it. Wonderful setting and textures.

    Like Sentinel13 said, your image is missing some darks. A slightly darker background might have helped bring her out a little more, but you really need to push the core shadows on the fairy itself.

    Very interesting style and design. Something about her makes me think that she's probably very wise.

    Nice pose and wings. The one thing that really bothered me about yours was the textures on her dress. The patterns just looked like they were laid over the image instead of following the folds of the dress. There's a good tutorial on how to do that here: Or alternatively, you could use the "Forward Warp Tool" under Filter > Liquify and have "Show Backdrop" checked with Opacity at 50-60%. I hope that helps!

    I'm not sure if they'll be considered to be "finished" in CHOW, but I really liked your WIPs and their sketchiness. Your final looks great too, but I felt that the finishing took out some of those really nice graphic shapes, especially in her hair.

    You didn't suck this CHOW, Jack! It's a totally different interpretation of fairies from the rest and I think that's actually pretty cool.

    Yours was very well-executed. I see you have a new avatar! xD


    I really liked the colors in yours and I think your style is great. My only gripe is that there wasn't much to see in the image.

    I love the visible strokes in yours. Great style and body language. If there was one thing I could change, it'll be to sharpen some of the soft edges in her hair. The trees in the background was drawing more of my attention because of how crisp their edges were. Overall though, it's a gorgeous painting.

    I'm actually a little sad that this one got cut. I think it was quite bold to submit something so stylized for CHOW and that the little queen has got some attitude.

    The pure whites and blacks made the painting feel very harsh. It seems that you're trying to set a specific mood and atmosphere for your painting, but some sensitivity to colors and values is needed and subtleties can really go a long way. Try looking at photographs that has the mood that you want to achieve and observe how the colors interact with each other.

    Thanks for the add on ! On your character, I think that the details of her design is great. On your painting however, I would suggest adding more interest to the shadows. They don't need to be pure black all the time.

    Try visualizing with a single light source in mind. When you do this, it becomes easier to figure out where the highlights should go, where the core shadows will form, and where the cast shadows will fall.

    I love yours! Those poor tiny fairies...

    It's already a good painting, but I would accentuate that glow behind her to add more drama.

    This one's really creepy. I really like the style and the contrast in the one. Great textures, very nice mood, and simple but effective design. She doesn't really feel like a fairy anymore but if you were going for that "horror" look, I'd say you've succeeded.

    Beautiful, beautiful painting. I noticed that her staff isn't straight, but who knows- maybe it's made of natural twigs and those are seldom ever straight.

    I've already commented on this in the WIP thread, but nice watercoloring.

    Continued [here] and [here]
    Last edited by Ciaee; February 12th, 2009 at 03:19 PM. Reason: added link to Part III
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciaee View Post
    Masque: I'm not sure if they'll be considered to be "finished" in CHOW, but I really liked your WIPs and their sketchiness. Your final looks great too, but I felt that the finishing took out some of those really nice graphic shapes, especially in her hair.
    I agree, which is why I've saved the line work off as separate images. But they wouldn't be finished enough "as is" for ChOW (at least that's my impression from quite a few participations), and I haven't yet got the hang of translating that treatment into a fully-rendered colored image, at least not for figures. Yet .

    Thanks for your kind comment, 'tis much appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel13 View Post
    anamirela: I loved your entry. Sweet design, and the little skulls are a great detail.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ciaee View Post
    I'm actually a little sad that this one got cut. I think it was quite bold to submit something so stylized for CHOW and that the little queen has got some attitude.
    Thank you guys/gals for the nice words!
    This was my third Chow and I was tired of the "naked girl in a well polished environment" cliché . If my little queen makes you have feelings that means a lot for me!

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    I was only going to vote 3.. but eeee.. I just kept voting coz there were so many good ones.. 0_o but my absolute fav has to be CIAEE's.. nice work guys! great round!

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    wow - too many good ones, but I ended up voting only for the ones that stand out in both design and technique.
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    Ok, first of all I wanted to say that this was an awesome round which I'm really sorry I missed but my studying schedule is packed till the end of the month unfortunately so... blah.

    Since I don't have the time to write out crits to everyone, I'll just do the ones I voted for. It was a really hard choice, btw.

    Kroveyn - She's gorgeous. I voted for this one because she really does look like a queen. Anatomy wise, her legs look kinda longish, and her wings don't really look like a part of her, more like a part of the dress. But those are just minor issues, I love this one.

    fersteger - I love the painterly style of this one. It's not only the lady that is beautiful but the FOLIAGE! Man, it blew me away. Awesome job.

    Nutter - ah, I'm a fan of yours, what can I say. I love the horns and the fact that she's so curvy. This is really a great picture

    Sentinel13 - my fav this round, as I already pointed out in this other thread. She looks magical and has the queen attitude. Perfect! Major kudos

    openanewworld - ahh man, what can I say... I always hoped you'll start participating in CHOWs since I'm a regular in your sketchbook and now you're kicking ass! Great job man
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    Zephyri + Dan!: Thanks for the comments, very useful. I totally agree with the dress and wings and had to laugh Zephyri because I actually spent more time on the dress and wings and not so much on the snake and headdress and they turned out alot better...a lesson in how not to overpaint there!

    - Overpainting is something I do struggle with but I'll keep entering these and hopefully it's something I can rectify, I've had so much fun and learnt so much...thanks for hosting and commenting and everything! x

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    [Again, I'm sorry for my English. I try to give my best D:]

    Thanks a lot for the comments on my drawing and of course for the votes I really apreciate it and I hope I can use everything I learned from working on this piece next round.

    Now I finally found the time to vote, too:
    Hard decision, because there are so many wonderful pieces *___*

    I voted for:
    Jason Strutz: A really creative character design, especially the donkey's face is awesome. For me, you found the perfect mixture of rough rendering and love for the details. I also like the composition a lot!
    Matt Dixon: I'm so impressed by all this details in her clothing and the awesome "glow in the dark" effect. Your drawing transports for me what the word "Fairy" means.
    D@niel: The nature around her seems to be full of magic. I love the almost supernatural face and the beautiful colors everywhere. Although she doesn't really look like I imagined a fairy, the place really looks like somewhere fairies can hide
    Ciaee: Wonderful technique. Everything, I can write about your piece has already been written. I love the magic atmosphere!
    Dan: I'm so impressed by the wonderful wings and the beautiful soft atmosphere. Beautiful character design. Just one thing: There really seem something wrong with her arms but I can't put my finger on it...
    Vorace: Blue skin rules ;D The character design is fun and I'm so impressed by the background, I can't help but press "vote".
    festeger: My favorite picture in the poll. She really is a fairy queen, and the background's gorgeous. I could stare on the details in your piece for hours without getting bored.
    revenobo: You definitely deserve my vote because your drawing made me happy *lol* Fun character design (and btw. Your drawing was my boyfriend's favorite in the poll so I also click in his name )
    marco mazzoni: My second favorite here. Festeger's piece is my fav in the classic fairy category, your's in the altenative one ;D
    jeremyhoffman: I like your style a lot. And I'm in love with the angry little dwarf *_*
    bluefooted: Your drawing looks like directly from a classic illustrated book about fairies. I love the style (In my drawing I tried to aim for a similar coloring style but I failed V__V) and the colors are gorgeous.
    bugmeyer: The colors are so lively and the design of your Tiania is so outstanding. I only think her front leg is a little bit too long.
    Sentinel13: I already wrote in the WiP thread how much I like your style. Great work.
    shannanigan: I like, how you're so different in your style. Fun character design
    openanewworld: I really got a faible for drawings with such a magic background. Gorgeous work.

    Because the decision was this hard, some more comments:
    angelinthuk: I like the soft feeling in your drawing and the beautiful snake. But maybe you can try to use more color contrast in your drawing next time. Also the composition of the background seems a little bit unsure.
    artemisX: Beautiful clothing design. I only miss the "Fairy" feeling a little bit.
    Kroevyn: Prety color choice, I like the autumn-feeling. The lower part of her body seems to be a little long and I'm not really sure but there also seems something wrong with her hips. Maybe next time, you can think of a more interesting composition but the rendering of her clothes is awesome.
    Nether: I'm still a huge fan of your drawing because of this unique character design and the interesting colors. I know, that there wasn't much time, but a tiny little bit more love for the background would have been awesome
    Deadred: Doubtless a impressive painting! The creature design is---- well. Cute. But for me, the woman is no Titania.
    Narai: Every time I see your drawing, my first thought is "Pan's Labyrinth". She reminds me a lot on the Fairy eater. You reated a really creepy crature and impressive use of textures.
    yoitisi: Something in her anatomy seems off. She also doesn't seem really queenly
    Masque: Pretty woman, wonderful rendering.
    Grendel Grack: Nice composition and an interesting idea. I Like the wings a lot.
    Quinn Simoes: Interesting dress! But IMO the background is too clean. I like how you drew the grass!
    ferrous Jack: Your idea is really outstanding. I only think, with another composition you could have added more dynamic to your drawing.
    Icemoon: Her dress is really pretty but in your piece, I miss vitality. Her pose is so stiff and there's also something wrong with the anatomy. The legs are too long and the arms too short. But the idea with the horns is really nice.
    dwinbotp: Awesome design and a awesome background. Only her legs seem to be broken. Maybe you can fix that some day
    nutter: I really like your drawing style. Simple piece but a interesting character. IMO not "fairy" enough.
    trevor: Perfect work. The only reason why you didn't get a vote from me is, that IMO she lost the "fairy" character somewhere and also the creatures around her doesn't remind me on something fairy-like.
    jefita: It's not really clear, what you want to tell us with that scene. The poses of the two are so unsure and the anatomy of both is a little bit off. But I like the mood and the colors.
    nightblue: Clean job. I only miss some more detail in the background. Of course not too much to let the focus on the character but it could make the compositio more interesting.
    decayinglolita: Wonderful mood. But there seem something wrong with the perspective and the anatomy. Nevetheless. Good job.
    poshspice: Your drawing transports a really nice feeling. Like the details in the tree.
    ionic: Nice style. I read the royal enough/fairy enough discussion and I have to admit, she doesn't look like a queen for me. But nevertheless, beautiful character design.
    dayz: I like the dynamic in your drawing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masque View Post
    Gracias, Jefita! Actually Oberon's ode was composed to fit the image (I have literary pretentions ), because as I was working on it, the phrase "clothed in night mist" kept nagging me, and ended up as the main visual theme for the pic. Also glad that the elegance made an impression, it was another goal: a regal grace that I thought was essential to a faerie queen.
    That makes it even cooler. This was really one of my favorites.

    Dan!, zephyri, MJ_Alcazar - Thank you all for the crits. I'm afraid I have to agree with all of you. I worked on this image a lot, but I just pushed it too close to the deadline and didn't get to add in a lot of of little details and finishing touches I wanted. I think I may go back and refine it and perhaps crop out the boy. I would like to get more satisfaction for the time I put in to this.

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    Comments/Crits Part II

    Thank you again everyone for your sweet comments! Here are more comments and crits.

    If yours isn't in here, it's either in [here] or [here].

    It seems as if you intended to make her glow but just by looking at it, I got a little confused by the hints of shadow in some places and by how some objects don't seem to catch enough light. I can't decide if her skin is green and translucent or if there's a greenish light coming from the back.

    Great colors and finishing. I really like her hair and her leafy wings. To push the image further, I would suggest applying some foreshortening to her. It feels as if her surroundings are quite dramatic in terms of perspective, but she wasn't really affected by the skew.

    Anatomically speaking, her head feels a little to big and her right arm (left to us) feels a slightly shorter than her left. I really like the watercolor textures in the background, but I feel that the swirls on her body could use a little varying up.

    Nice overall design- I really like her hat. Her head's just slightly too big (but dismissable as stylization), and I think that yours is one of the few that will actually work as a bookcover on the story of Titania. I also like that you included the Indian changeling.

    Interesting design, but feels quite unfinished.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on DA! I'm sorry that you didn't make the cut, I actually thought that swirly magic stuff around her was quite rad.

    I'm not sure if you changed anything since my last crit, but her left forearm (right in the image) still feels a little short. As said before, great body language and I still love those owls.

    One of my favourite entries. Beautiful linework and very nice traditional feel. I think you succeeded in getting that Arthur Rackham feel!

    The pose in one of your WIPs (top right) looks a lot more believable than your final. Although she has wings to save her if it happens, it looks like she's going to fall over.

    The pose/gesture in your initial sketch feels a lot more natural than your final.

    I was happy to see that you fixed her breasts and was quite shocked that you didn't make it to the poll. =\

    I absolutely adore your image and am thoroughly horrified that you didn't make the cut. You'd definitely get my vote if you did. Wonderful design, colors, idea and execution all at once. Perfect job.

    Arthemix IX:
    Beautiful mix of Asian and butterfly themes. If there's anything I would change, it'll be the bottom of her dress. It feels strangely "cut-off" in the final and I prefer how it looked in the earlier stages.

    Aww, don't be upset about not getting many votes. I can't really point out anything wrong with your artwork, but perhaps it didn't have that something to really grab people's attention. I feel that it's very well painted though, and I really like her little dress.

    Lots of the entries in this round lost the flow that they had in their initial sketches and I honestly find that to be quite a pity. In yours, although it's great to see the artwork finished, she looks quite tense now compared to when she looked quite relaxed in the sketch. Is that the Indian changeling on her wand? I like that.

    Already commented on this in the WIP thread methinks. Beautiful bright colors.

    I like her wings and her horns but I feel that the cast shadows (although there's just a little of it in the painting) need to be more hard-edged.

    Commented on this earlier in the WIP thread. Missing some soft-edges.

    It's a beautiful painting, but I felt that it's a little unnatural for her to hold her dress up because it isn't a long dress. Still, beautiful.

    This gives me the feeling of an old tarot card illustration. Nice. The smileys in your WIPs made me laugh. xD

    I can't believe yours didn't make it to the poll. It's stunning.

    Very interesting take on the character. A little soft around the edges for something mechanical, though. If you had given the same amount of attention to the rest of the image as you did her face, it would've been more convincing.

    This feels almost like a screenshot from a game. Nice mood.

    Very cool exaggerated perspective. I also find it very interesting for Titania to be a praying mantis.

    I actually kinda like the stark lighting in yours. I just wish it was more finished...

    Angel Intheuk:
    I love her dress and her pet snake.

    Continued [here]
    Last edited by Ciaee; February 12th, 2009 at 03:18 PM. Reason: added links to Part III
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    Wow, this was a hard choice! There are many I liked but I narrowed it down to these Six.
    Matt Dixon: Loved the lighting, pose and colours.

    D@NIEL: Great feel to this image. Nice use of colour.

    fersteger: Great colour and detail. I would have liked to have seen her looking a little less Human.

    dwintbotp: Like the colours and body design.

    Marco Mazoni: Great image! Very dark, (which I love) and cool body design.

    openanewworld: Interesting image and lovely use of colour.

    Well done to everyone else! What a massive turn-out!

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    Ciaee: Thnx a bunch, but obviously not quite stunning enough Yours is looking fab. I especially like the 'washed-out' look contrasting with the highly saturated details, very atmospheric.

    Wingedchime: Thank you I tried to make her kind of 'one' with her surroundings, the vines on her legs, her dress 'growing' from the trees, her hair interacting with the branches etc.
    You obviously took that a bit further making her a flower and all, which to me is a stroke of genius. Also, your painting is very light and delicate which is makes her look fragile which in turn could be a symbol for nature's fragility. So... I'm wandering off a bit but ,bottom line is: I like it
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    Thanks guys for the comments! I dont feel upset about the votes, it's just that I didn't see what was wrong with my piece, I see it now. I can work on that in my future drawings. I should've posted wips in the other thread, that wouldve helped my process It was an honour to be in this awesome round. So many beautiful pics!!

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    Epic round. I haven't seen anything so great since Bard of Apocalypse, Steampunk Airship Pilot or Black Queen CHOWs...
    Among so many beautiful fairies I preferred to narrow my votes down to those pieces which IMO clearly convey the idea of Queen. I would have voted for Felida too but his/her work wasn't in the poll yet...

    Thanks to those who took time to comment! (I'm too slow at writing in English things with a sense and it would take me ages to comment everyone, so I don't comment at all, sorry...)

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    Hey guys, thanks for the positive comments (and the votes)! I sending each of you a little love beep.


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    nice results, good range of interpretations. I didn't read over all the comments so might be writing stuff other people already brought up...

    Angel Intheuk: The figures okay, the dress could have used some reference though, and the composition is getting split in half because of two bright values on either side; I think reducing the values of one or both would bring the focal back to the figure. I like the size reference you put in btw, unless that snake is giant, can never tell with these fantasy things.

    Arthemis IX: I like the color scheme and moth wing design, the costume however looks more like a geisha to me, not that I'm an expert in Japanese culture or anything. I'd suggest you look up some court costumes or something, here's one I just found

    Jason Strutz: Haha, that headdress is so over the top I really don't know what to say. I like how the picture is resolved and at the same time not over-rendered. I'm finding it hard to comment on the design though other than technical stuff since I don't exactly know what the intent is. What's the headdress's material? I'm finding that ambiguous. I'm assuming metal but there's no specular, if stone there's not enough texture or it's polished smooth.

    Kroveyn: Love the costume design on this, looks like it can be produced in the real world. The contrast with the muted colors and bright colors on the headdress works very well, same with background and figure separation. Very nice.

    Matt: love the luminousity and color choice, I like how the dress' material look like petals or leaves almost.

    Deadred: I think the painting is beautiful, I like the design as well, however it feels more like succubus than fairy to me, must be the corset, bat wings and moon. But I think it'd work in a darker feeling story anyway.

    wanted to comment on everyone's but I gotta get started on work soon so just ones that caught my eye...

    Ciaee: Love everything about this, the costume, pose, etc. I like how it seems like the viewer is looking from below as well, seems to work with the queen thing.

    Fersteger: I like the painterly quality you got with your image, the hair is really nicely done, has that soft look.

    Bluefooted: Always liked your work, especially your line quality. Your style seems well suited to the topic, has an old school illustrator feel.

    Poshspice: First thing that came to my mind when I saw this was Rackham. I like the frail/sensitive quality you got to the line work, no aggressive marks; works well with fairies.

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