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    Corel Painter Essentials and Painter X

    So I bought a Wacom tablet and it came with CPE, and so far it's been kind of hard to use, mainly when it comes to sketching with the 2b pencil or the pens. Most of the lines come out all jaggy and pixelated, and I was wondering if this is less apparent with Painter X or if it's just me. I'm thinking I just need to practice, but when I draw on paper it comes out 100% better so I'm womdering, if getting painter X would that big a difference. Any thoughts?
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    open up MS paint or any other program that will let you draw (if you have a mac, I'm sure there's someplaces online you could work). If it truly is wiggly, something might be up with the tablet or drivers but really, comparing how well you draw on paper to how well you draw on a tablet is like comparing it to oil painting or sculpting. The mediums are just to different, but knowing one will help in getting you to the next, so just keep practicing. all of my lines were shaky and messed up when I first got a tablet, I almost thought about never using the thing again, but I kept at it and got better.

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    Which tablet did you get? The graphire/bamboo's are a lot harder to draw with than the Intuos.... but they all take getting used to. You could try the free version of ArtRage to see if the lines come out any better.

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    It might just be Painter Essentials, when I got my Graphire & took a look at CPE it seemed rather threadbare compared to Painter (and it wouldn't remember the saved brushes after shutting it off) so I just got Painter X and been happy ever since. Those jaggy lines are due to the small picture size & dpi of the image, if I zoom in far enough with a letter sized picture @ 300 dpi it will start getting pixelated. Hopefully CPE will let you set the sensitivity brush tracking which might help some on at least adjusting the tablet to the way you draw. Hope this helps.
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