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    Hi there all,
    Im new to this forum and I really need some help on concept art courses. Sorry in advance if I've posted this in the wrong place or anything.
    I've had a look through information on this websites concept art course and it lists everything I want to learn but the course is in America and I live in the UK. So I just wondered if anyone knows any courses that deal with the same things but that are based in England.
    I drew for years when I was younger and have just gotten back into it after I stopped a few years back. I really regret it because now I'm 23 years old and I feel like I've wasted my life.
    I just dont think I'll be able to get better and I'm pretty confident in drawing things I see but everything else I draw is total rubbish.
    Sorry about the rant but I've looked (unsuccessfully) into concept art courses in England like the one on this website and desperately want to join a course like that over here. I'm deadly serious about wanting to become a professional artist but I need tuition from people with great experience because I dont feel confident enough to teach myself.
    Well sorry if I bored anyone reading this but Im just really down at the moment on what to do. Thanks for reading

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    probs should be in the deucation section but heres my 2p. As far as i can tell there isnt an american style course in the UK. Illustration or a design course are probably the closest things here. I do Illustration at Bristol (uwe) and at the time was the nearest thing i could find. It's till a far cry from what I would ocnsider a concept design course, but it is teaching me how to more consisely communicate visually.

    Best bet is to just hammer it out on here. Start a sketchbook and a routine. It's a long road.

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