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    Nachi's Sketchbook - Critics Encouraged!

    Hello! Since I'm new here, I thought I would introduce myself...

    My name is Laurie, I am 17 years old and I am a first year student in 3D Animation in Quebec City, Canada. I am currently in my second semester which is about Environnements (the first one was about objects) I am very interested in concept art, especially in character design (the third semester is about characters so I can't wait to get more techniques) I really like to draw characters even if my sketchbook is still very amateur... I don't know much about human body proportions, muscles, postures etc but at least I do what I can =)

    I would like some critics and comments about my art, please. Everything is done without observation; it all came out of my mind (except for the train model (I took a reference image) and the X-8 (which I didn't do by the way; my Texture teacher did it and we had to texture it in class))

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    You draw adorable girls- I am quite envious. I couldn't really give you much critique, except that I think you're putting their chins too far back on the 2/3 facial views. But it could just be me being silly . 3D works are pretty awesome, imho, and I dont' know the limitations of that media, either, so I can't say much. But awesome work!
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    Your girls are quite precious (I was going to say adorable, but the person above said the same thing). Anyway, as I was saying, the only critique I can think of is draw more, post more, and color more .

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    Hey. Welcome to CA.

    That's a good start. I really this sketch - She's got lots of character.

    Keep posting.

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    very gud wrks...
    really cute... especially nachipon. its so cute... yes, i agree tht there r sm small anatomical issues, especially @ d cheeks n eyes. but nice detailing... d cuteness is over powering d slight errors...

    my othr fav wrk is Victoria. really nice stylin... again watch d cheeks.. but amazing...

    if u r d creator of vue_troisquarts_lespérance_laurie i m spellbound.. too gud... cant actually figure out wthr its 3d.. but really nice. got a unique style... dsnt look like a student wrk...

    d 3d train is gud too.. m a 3d modelor by proffesion... so i kno.... simple... yet, right to d point.. there is a lot of effect frm d texturin but still d model is also really neat..

    gud going... shall wait for more updates...

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