This is my first post, so I'll do the noob thing real quick. My name is Atom and I'm currently majoring in Visual Arts and Computing at UCSD. Our education here concentrates primarily on experimental computing in the arts (robotics and hacktivism, in my case.)

Many classes start with a little exercise assignment, giving you one week to use the tools of the class to create something small and interesting. For a class to learn ActionScript, I warmed up with this:


It's a little music video I made for my friend's band, The Denouement. The song is "Keep Hunting."

It was made using Facebook's Graffiti application, pared with Bulent SR and eventually, edited and coded in Flash CS3.

I'm sorry I don't have something more recent to share with you all (this is circa 2007), but unfortunately we aren't given many chances to create animations.)