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    Not too satisfied

    I recently finished this piece with prismacolor markers, but after going back and looking at it, I'm not to pleased with the results.

    I screwed up on the original bg, which were yellowish clouds, afterward i turned it into what you see here. I think its was just hard for me to come up with a background without bringing more clutter to the composition.

    Anyway,i understand a lot of the mistakes in this one but I'd still like some critique here. Is it done? can i remedy some areas? where did i go wrong?

    I'd really appreciate any input

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    The only problem I see is that the girl's left leg looks too short, even if in perspective. Also, her torso looks a little long, unless she's a rather tall person.
    And her left arm also looks long. It might be because of the short left leg.

    Still, the composition was done nicely. The empty corners are of no concern, and the coloring was also done well for your style.
    Wait... What were we talking about?

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    im just curious what the characters are doing? X)
    i mean, trousers unbuttoned, and whats it gonna do with that huge tongue ...? ^^

    ill have to disagree with surzsha. since its a stylised picture, proportions are of little to no concern, composition should be more important.
    imho, the composition is quite random, it looks partly cutout (girls left hand, right foot, the dude's arms)
    it will probably look better if you had a stronger point of attention (well, right now it's quite chaotic) you can do this for example by saving the highest contrast and level of detail for the section you want to be the p.o.a.
    if you're having a hard time doing the composition on the spot, you can plan it beforehand with thumbnails.

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    I'm afraid I don't know what's going on here either. What comes to mind is that purple guy's gonna do something perverted... and that gray guy's just gonna watch.

    As for the girl's left leg (where we can see the foot).... it might just be me, but the angle we're seeing her foot feels like it implies her leg is broken/bent the wrong way. We're looking at the normal/absolute bottom of her foot when her thigh shows more of a side and is pointed in a downward/diagonal direction.

    So what's the story behind this anyhow? I'm actually curious at this point.
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    I was trying to exaggerate a lot things, so the proportions did slip my mind. I will agree with you about the torso, that was not my intention, i was trying to slant her a little more, but found it difficult.

    Crimson Shape
    I tried to plan out for this picture with thumbnails, but then when it came to the actual thing, i messed up on the angles and placement. As for whats going on, the girl is a bout to be devoured by a vampire. oh,and do you think i should go back and a little color anywhere? or maybe even an extra detail.

    Drunken Hand
    Wow, thanks for pointing that out, i completely missed such an error. I believe you are correct, now that i look at it, i can see what you mean. The purple thing is actually a girl too, its kinda hard to tell since she is exaggerated from her original appearance, but she is attempting to devour the other girl.

    I have a question for you all, what do you think about adding a yellowish tint to the guy on top? how should i execute it?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to offer helpful critique, really appreciate it.

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    No offense, but the tongue looks weird. I usually don't stick my tongue out when I'm about to eat something, even something large.
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