Last week I went to an art supply store in Koreatown. (it's on 8th and something and near a Korean book store that sells a lot of manga.) I shelved out 60 bucks to buy a whole set of Poster Colors, also known as gouache. I really hate W&N gouache sorely because of the price, and my new years resolution is to do a master copy at least once a week. I have a whole bunch of Art of the West magazines and I plan to copy from them with Poster Color.

The thing is, I don't need all the colors. But Buying the whole set is whole lot cheaper than buying individual colors. Yeah, the colors kinda shift after dried but I need them for practicing colors. Nathan Fowkes and other Art Center graduates did tons of gouache paintings to practice and that's what I am gonna do. I am seriously lacking in color skills.

Also I bought the book about design works by Kimitoshi Yamane, who designed spaceships in Cowboy Bebop. I bought the book for inspirations and I plan to do some conceptual designs for my portfolio. So far, I only have a trunk-full of life drawings done for last six months.

But it'll be hard to schedule time for doing all that. I intern at Film Roman tow days a week and take classes at CSUF. And I work on weekends. I need to utilize Wednesday which is completely vacant. Also, I plan to attend 3kicks studio to study anatomy.

I've been slacking off a lot but it's time to push myself to do something productive. I also plan to hire personal trainer for weight training and want to regain my muscles. I used to be really fit years ago. But now I am 200lbs with 5'10" frame. I have to shed 30 lbs off.

And...I have a few PC games that haven't even startedead Space, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry2, The Witcher and Crysis. I guess I should wait till I graduate. And maybe I will start playing them after I get a real job. I guess I should wait for Fallout 3 and Mirror's Edge until I can find them in a bargain bin.