My pencil drawings are lacking, to the point where i refuse to show them until i think they look bearable. Most likely i'll put some in the sketchbook forum. I do have one recent pencil work to show here, but my scanner shows no mercy, so the quality really sucks. D:

I've dallied in a lot of mediums, but for now i will show what is easiest for me to show, which are my digital paintings. i'm hungry for some crtique of some sort. not specifically for each one, but just in general. i'm at the point where i can't really progress any further without some serious doesn't help that i have no time to either. i've just started to worry about technique and anatomy, so i'm sure there are tons of mistakes, i'm just not experienced enough to find them just yet

here we go! (goes from earliest to most recent)

i think this was my first digital painting without scanning a sketch in.....

a story i have been wanting to work on, but can't until i've filled out the characters a bit more, and practiced on my storytelling

i was just doodling an eye and..well.....yea both sides are of the same piece, but one has water and one doesn't, (i liked the colors of the one without water, but it didn't look to realisitc) so i combined them by reflecting the other. the anatomy is horribly wrong

my try at more drastic lighting and

wanted to go for a stronger, emotional piece

a speed paint for the new year

that ONE decent pencil drawing i was talking about