Have already posted this in the 3D thread but thought maybe this is a better place as its about education.


I have a couple of people who have now applied to the course too so we only need a few more (4-5) to make sure it runs, if you know anyone who might be interested please let them know - thank you

There is a course in 3DsMax running at the UH (University of Hertfordshire) 20mins from Kings Cross,London by train. Due to start on Feburay the 9th and run for 10 evenings, (Thursdays, 7.30pm-9.30pm)


It seems to be aimed at beginners but says "Learners progress and work at their own level within the class" so I'm thinking if you are teaching yourself and have already learned a bit but would like the support of a human being/creative environment/etc it might be good for you too? (maybe best to phone and confirm this with them though if you're unsure)


I really wanted to do this course but when I phoned to enrol they said they weren't sure if it would run as they hadn't had enough applications yet.

THEY NEED 6 to 8 people to sign up for the course or it won't run.

If anyone is interested please talk to me or apply to UH because it sounds like a cool course and I was really looking forward to it (The UH 3D Animation/Game Art courses produce some really good work and I went there on an open day and it has enthusiastic students and really good facilities so I take that as a good sign)

Thanks for reading