[translation]LINRAN's Light and Colour Tutorial + Mini tut || BIG download!
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    Lightbulb [translation]LINRAN's Light and Colour Tutorial + Mini tut || BIG download!

    Update: translated a mini tutorial by TZA's request.

    Hey guys, dunno if you know LINRAN, but he's a really awesome self-taught chinese artist. Check out his sketchbook here if you haven't already.

    Anyways, on his blog he posted quite a nice tutorial about light, shadows, colour...and other various aspects that I found really helpful, a friend asked me to translate it for him and I thought why not? So here it is:

    PS: I apologise for the bad translation, its my first time seriously translating anything so it came out a bit awkward. I tried to follow the original as close as possible down to the tone, but I think some metaphors and other various things probably got lost in the way....anyways I hope it helps some what!

    PPS: I found the info on the colour palette very useful so make sure you check that out, it's around the second half

    PPPS: sorry about the length! writings in chinese are much shorter than in english, it turns out. (either that or it's my bad translating skills...I bet its the latter )

    Mini Tut:
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