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    Insert Witty Head-Related Joke Here!

    Don't know if this is the place to enquire, but being a query relating to art, it can't be too bad...

    In my attempt to start being more exacting with my studies, i've begun to work my way down the human body (Head, Neck, Torso, Pelvis, Legs, Feet, Shoulders, Arms, Hands).

    Yet before my epic quest has even really begun, I seem to be hopeless with heads.

    The Bridgeman PDF I have is based more on the detailed construction and how things work side of things, I don't know if he actually did a book on how to actually draw the human body.

    So Loomis would be the first person I turned to. His method is seemingly "the standard" to the point of probably being, the best. Of the drawing books at my disposal it seems they either dont go into the level of detail Loomis does, or are pretty much based on the same principles Loomis uses.

    It might be the fact i'm currently unable to sketch things into a sketchbook but whatever I attempt just looks... dire.

    Burne Hogarth's Drawing the Human head seems to use it's own ways of doing things, but being an entire book dedicated to the subject, i'd imagine it'd probably be a far bit easier just persisting with Loomis.

    I want to ask if there's an "even more simplistic" method of doing heads, but to be honest, I know there probably isn't considering it's essentially all based on biological measurements.

    So really I don't know what i'm asking.

    Maybe "Are there any head drawing methods that are still accurate but a little easier to construct than the Loomis, split sphere horizontally, slice off the sides, measure out hair/brow/nose/chin line, connect way?".

    Course now i've said it, it sounds easy.
    Maybe it would just be better to tackle them in the morning all refreshed.
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    I think you answered your own question. If you find Loomis difficult, try to simplify it even more. A head is a complicated structure.

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