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Thread: I notice, I think, I feel....

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    I notice, I think, I feel....

    Hello everyone

    I was over in finally finished and felt the urge to post a "wow thats totally awseome" comment when I was reminded of a presentation of work we did at uni.

    The tutor was trying to encourage us to give objective feedback rather than just saying "Cool work I love it!" to everything.

    He encouraged us to find 3 things to say about each piece of work. I notice, I Think, I feel,....

    His example, to one of my best friends work was something along the lines of:

    "I notice you have created a nice environment but your creature has no eyes"

    "I think this makes it unbelievable

    "I feel you should consider giving it eyes.

    (Of course I leapt to her defence with "I notice you have left the eyes off your creature because its underground and doesnt need them, I think that shows you have a good understanding of zoology and I feel that I really like your work and that its toatlly amazing... lol, fierce in the defence of my friends even when it makes me be an idiot :p)

    Despite that I think he had quite a good system, it allowed for constructive criticisim and forced the person giving the feed back to consider whether what they were saying was the result of observation, thought/intelectual factors or emotion.

    I know someone I asked to look at my work the other day totally destroyed me for 24 hours by launching straight into a huge list of problems with the piece and didn't say if they liked anything or if I was on the right track or if I had just wasted my whole day working on it and I should just trash it (which I felt I had and ended up deleting it all, first taking the crits on board for my NEXT attempt of course ) I know a lot of people say if you can't take a good bashing get out of the business, and maybe thats true but I like to try and give a positive in with my crits, even if its just well done for trying, better luck next time.

    So I think that sometimes a system for giving feedback can be really helpful to avoid things seeming like a big attack on your work, or equally a big fan fest with nothing constructive included.

    Anyone else have any good systems they like to use for feedback?
    get better or die trying....

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    Hmmm! I have habits of saying certain things, like I do say "I notice(d)" when something strikes me tickled or strange somehow. Not so much proportions of the body, but say, where a character is looking, what s/he's holding, etc.

    I have an "it seems" habit, too. Like I'm trying to figure out what someone is conveying (or attempting to convey) in expressions or whatever.

    "You might want to" is another one...more because I'm not worried about what *I* want the person to do, but what I suggest they could try if they really wanna, exceptions are when I say "I strongly suggest" because it's probably something needing more attention.

    I don't have a set method, mind you. I just will chatter more if something does strike me, whether it's good or bad. If everything seems "in place" to me, I say less, but I do give an indication as to why, usually.
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    Or you can use the compliment sandwich.
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