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Thread: alex tooth sketchbook

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    alex tooth sketchbook

    Name:  AlexTooth_Springbreeze_face.jpg
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    All these studies are from life... if things are numbered e.g. 12/12 , 5/5, 20/20 etc, they're not dates, they're entries for imaginefx daily sketch challenge

    First did 2 tone form, most of it's terrible so I'll just post a couple. Was excellent practice and I learnt a lot about form.

    Attachment 570604
    Attachment 570606

    Next did 3 tone form (these turned out a bit better - used 3 markers) -

    Attachment 570607
    Attachment 570608
    Attachment 570609
    Attachment 570612
    Attachment 570611
    Attachment 570613

    Next did LINE - how can stuff be represented with line, I learnt how to use the weight of line to imply shapes...

    Attachment 570614
    Attachment 570615
    Attachment 570616
    Attachment 570617
    Attachment 570618

    K so that's form and line so far. Next I was given a more broad range of study, to look into light, colour, composition and gesture poses. (did about 140 studies for those)

    For the poses I used posemaniacs, I've done about 2000+ poses on there now, improving slowly but improving I think.

    I have signed up to life drawing 2 times a week for spring term.

    So some more random stuff to follow....

    Saw posh spice in the Guardian, drew some poses to test my posemaniacs, used line as well to practice that.

    Attachment 569807

    Went to West dean college for the weekend as a present, did some drawing, one is a Blake they had on the wall (copy) and another is a tapestry I drew.

    Attachment 569808
    Attachment 569809

    Went to ipswich museum, drew some monkeys and a deer, trying to work the tone and use minimal lines.

    Attachment 569810
    Attachment 569811

    Learning about light and value - made my cone, found a box, a golf ball and a paper roll and got busy -

    Attachment 569812
    Attachment 569813

    Learning about composition, looked at some old paintings, did thumbnails in 3tone/2tone and pencil.

    Attachment 569814
    Attachment 569815
    Attachment 569816
    Attachment 569817
    Attachment 569818
    Attachment 569819

    Learn about colour and light - watched Jeremy Vickery DVD.

    Learnt Painter, watched Ryan DVD.

    Tried to create some of Jeremy Vickery's examples he did at the end of the DVD in Painter. (I'v now done about 7 paintings, including the ones on Ryan DVD - finding it hard but getting easier)

    Attachment 569824
    Attachment 569825
    Attachment 569826

    Got a lifesize skull, been drawing that. (done around 200 studies from life about here)

    Attachment 569828

    Next up, thumbnail composition! I got to make my own compositions. I watched Feng Zhu and got info about value, and composition, also perspective and proportions. Here are some - did them in Painter also, I don't know how to use photoshop and cant afford it.

    Attachment 569835
    Attachment 569837

    K more to come on next post, gonna start with 3 posts to be safe from crashing losing everything lol.
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    K next up I have been concentrating on humans, the anatomy and the figure. There is quite a bit of posemaniacs, though I certainly won't post it all lol.

    Sorry if the times aren't written down, most are 30-90sec, one is random view doing 2/3min poses each. I've done 1000s of these, lots fo 10/15sec, but ill only post a few up here.

    Attachment 569841
    Attachment 569843
    Attachment 569844
    Attachment 569845
    Attachment 569846
    Attachment 569847
    Attachment 569850
    Attachment 569852

    Did some eyes, head, nude, Pieta statue drawing, and I tried a Madonna in Painter, tried out oils this time.

    Attachment 569864
    Attachment 569857
    Attachment 569858
    Attachment 569859
    Attachment 569860

    Next I tried doing some character's completely out of my head with no ref at all, see if any of my posemaniacs practice paid off, some ok, some terrible, most very weird.

    Attachment 569870
    Attachment 569872
    Attachment 569873
    Attachment 569874

    Made very VERY first 2 characters, poses and chars from my head, I used bridgeman constructive anatomy and Hogarth to check where I should place muscle though, as men are very hard I find to memorise the muscles. Women not so bad.

    Attachment 569875
    Attachment 569876

    Next I tried colouring in my girl char quickly in Painter, just trying colours out really, nothing serious, bit messy I know lol.

    Attachment 569877
    Attachment 569878
    Attachment 569879
    Attachment 569880
    Attachment 569883
    Attachment 569884

    One one more post up next from stuff I've been doing in the last WEEK, pretty much solely been learning how to use painter....
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    Ok, to learn about painting and stuff and how to use painter I tried to recreate some of my favourite paintings, they're not really all finished or anything, but more of a practice. I spent most of a day on each on, starting last friday. I've done about 10-12 painting total now, would love some tips on how to improve.

    First up Vermeer - I thought it was ok, but later realised it's quite bad. Koshime kindly pointed out a blended to early and told me a little about how to tackle a painting.

    Attachment 569895

    Next I tried a Monet, and after Koshimes advice I used NO blenders at all, infact I think I did the whole thing with one brush. Quite a liberating experience I found.

    Attachment 569902

    Next tried Boldini portrait, didn't like how it was going to left it. Use a blender a bit on this.

    Attachment 569903

    Next I tried a painting by Lenoir, all done with 1 brush, but I blended the face and hair a bit at the end.

    Attachment 569906

    My mum saw me doing all this stuff and got me to paint a pic of my dad for his 60th this week, spent all of yesterday on it. Used 1 brush (except hair - used scratchboard), no blenders yet, though the brush has some blend on it already. I found the hair very difficult. Im not completely happy with it but my knowledge doesn't go any further with regards to this kind of thing. If anyone has tips on improving it i'd love to know, i've got 2 days left.

    Attachment 569909

    K that's where I am right now. I've got a lot of Maya work to do this week, but expect regular updates. I'm going to try and look at sketchbooks and contribute as much as I have time for from now on
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    Supreme! Good to see your work up here. It's an extensive line of study. Great Stuff!!!
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    Nice story.I am thinking sometimes about these situations,but in the end you see that its meaning is to make you understand what you really want to do in your life(dont forget that we learn from mistakes)
    Anyway its all about motivation.
    I am glad you started a sketchbook here (and welcome to CA) and i can see your talent.Now you are going very well and you have to keep up.
    You will meet times that your mood will be -0 and thats also a part to actually stabilize your main goal.
    So never leave it from now on,keep up as long as you live pal
    I think you will become very good soon enough.

    see ya and thanks for stoping by my sketchbook
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    Oakseed - Thanks! It will be interesting to see how we develop =)

    KingKostas - Thanks for dropping by, and kind words of encouragement, I know about the -0 mood thing oh too well, just gonna try my best!

    Got some more posemaniacs, and a couple of bits of 3D for a small project I finished with a uni friend in December, I did the 3D he did the 2D. You can view it here... if u fancy!

    Attachment 570630
    Attachment 570631
    Attachment 570634
    Attachment 570636
    Attachment 570633
    Attachment 570638

    3D - Hopefully this stuff will improve with my new knowledge!

    Attachment 570640
    Attachment 570642

    Would love tips for starting out learning art, anything that might be helpful, I feel like a baby at the moment whos brain's a big sponge.
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    Very ambitious plan to achive. Only one year to become great artist - wow! It's to fast tempo for me I guess.. I'm giving myself several years and I think it's important to play with your knowledge.. For example after some life studies go and draw some speedpainting from mind, or choose some of weekly challenges to participate and so on. I see you have a DS. Download a free prg. Colors! to draw with it! Its so much fun. Also I think that giving up to all your favourite activities such as games is not a way. Balancing is a key. So if you like play your favourite game for short period like 1h after sketching training.

    Stunning studies, great motivation and hard work in here. Your sketchbook is very inspirational thing..
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    Hey Serio, thanks for looking!

    Yes, 1 year's ambitious I know, in reality we shall see, it's probably going to take longer, because I realise I can't cram years of acquired knowledge into 1 year... just going to try my hardest to learn and practice.

    I will have a go with Colours on the DS, looks like a great thing to do when I'm out of the house, thanks for the tip
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    aaaahhh you are crazy good i love all of the works that ive seen so far keep posting!
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    Thanx fer yer comments and heads up.

    You seemed to have focused on all the things I haven’t lately, good line and cleanliness. Perhaps a better approach.

    Working from life, good creativity

    Have you gone into constructive anatomy yet? The Hogarth’s, Loomis and Bridgman’s books?

    I'd say your work tips more toward roundup and cleanliness, color etc
    You could balance it off with a bit more on construction.

    You obviousely have construction, but it could use another wave of enhancement to keep up with the other stuff and incorporating perspective into your freehand. Line desighn can be a perspective distraction in early desighn and might make your stuff end up flat. I have queue'd myself to look for that balance between line beuty and dimentional aspect for future study. Even in life study, you could reach a photo representation of what you are looking at measuring in 2D, negative shapes and spaces, this is good but as with myself I think trying to draw form rather than appearance would be a good study for the future.

    Other than that, your work is really nice, keep it going, feel free to take a whack at my work anytime.
    Last edited by George Abraham; January 21st, 2009 at 09:09 AM.
    Scetchbook: View the exhibitionist's stuff.
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    Hey thanks for comments Zaorr.

    Yes I need to get into construction. lol my construction at the moment is a stick man then I add the stucture, it's often not too accurate though.

    I will work through those books, thanks for the tip =)

    I saw your sketchies, seems we're heading the same way!
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    hello Alex
    Wow, really high goal, and a lot of work on it!
    I don't feel like giving you so much critiques, since I'm on the learning road and I'm not better than you...just more confused I'd say! LOL
    About your human figures, I'd suggest you to check out Loomis (easy to find for free on Google) and Bridgman.
    In my experience, I needed some drawings from those books and from references/life in order to achieve my landmarks; now when I sketch it's pretty natural to draw them, but at the start I was confused about the "how and where the hell can I learn them?"

    Good luck!
    I have a sketchbook!
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