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    Gesture drawing ???

    I had a quick question about gesture drawing for all those experienced artist out there. What skill does gesture drawing build up? A person on this forum told me I should do a lot of gesture drawing if I want to get better at drawing characters but would I benefit more from doing a master copy of stuff in a anatomy book, that way i can build up a bit of anatomy first before I start drawing things in different posses? I'm kind of lost I just got into drawing and I'm a bit confused with what to do next. any one have any advice?

    Here you can read this and check this out to get a better idea what I am trying to do so you can put your 2 cents in the jar.

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    work from large to small.

    you do not go about chopping wood with a butter knife.

    gesture drawings are used to capture just that, a gesture. its a quick sketch done to hold an idea in as efficient means as possible. yes anatomy is very crucial, and i am in no way dismissing that aspect of creating a figure. properly using gesture will contain the principles or correct anatomy in a simplified manner.

    building the skill to create gestures will help you more effectively utilize space. this will benefit your compositions by allowing you to instantly see where visual weight, focus, implied line, etcetera are in the subject.

    in the thread you linked you have a tendency to have the subject be somewhat lopsided in your images. Chagan's comments are spot on, you aren't measuring nearly enough with your current methodology of drawing. creating rough sketches and gestures of the subject before you commit any real time will allow you to instantly work out any spacial discrepancies which would have arisen later as you progressed. gestures eliminate time consumption plain and simple.
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