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Thread: curves n stuff (nudity)

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    curves n stuff (nudity)

    Hi all
    i`m trying to improve my drawing skills and cause of that, i`m looking for any help and advice You can give me. Right now i mostly focus on sketches and b&w drawings. I`d be really thankful for your support. Critiques are most appreciated
    thanks for watching
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    You sure have a firm grip on female anatomy.

    Not much to crit accept maybe to randomise or expand your avenues, themes, media etc...

    I didn't get it at first, But I think there is a crappy opinion I could give you. Try to have the complexity and intrique your theme's create, outcompete your sensual stuff. Try as an experiment make nudity an accentuation to the theme or situation instead of an overwhelming factor.

    At the mo, you have female sensual curves, accentuated by themes(Which is good, don't get me wrong).
    But you could try to turn it arround to themes/story/depth accentuated by sensuality.

    The theme is by no means invalid(I am a dude) but sensuality or perhaps arousal has ways it can be punched to make it more powerfull.
    Frustration is an opposing along with shock/fright. Frustration:Concealment, implied stuff, too little(Never enough), etc...

    I think you understand a little of the other.

    It's hard for me to get what your aims are, I am going to guess it's nuts.

    In a good horror movie they wind or create tension by timed concealment, a mix of sequence of emotions etc. In a thread you could drive folk wild if you did the same. The sudden flood of exposedness made the pic's kinda boring, there is ways you could play the instrument to have made them come out with more umf. Like just posting one pic as a start and letting it boil.... going off into other random stuff and then boom, another....etc..
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    I had a really crappy dream, I guess it was what I couln't put my finger on the other day.

    Sex and torture or the arousal and disrespect realy produces some bad karma and unhealthy brain/body chemicals.

    What I saw in your work but couldn't get was an eery feeling of woman coming out of abuse. The eyes sees beuty but the body detects the other stuff. Just not a good combo unless it's kinky or make believe, that stuff isn't supposed to have realism unless you are an impressional artist trying to point stuff out.

    For some teenager's it's a hard thing to notice in a world flooded with porn. They see the arousal and hot stuff but they do themselves alot of bad not noticing the abuse and disrespect.

    I have nothing against sexual material but as my devine guide pointed out to me once, there is a differance between watching a couple shag where both are enjoying what is going on sharing loving feelings and stuff that has an abusive frame or a picture of someone with no self respect or pride for their bodies. The body detects it but the mind is clueless hence the bad chemical response.

    It's up to you where you go with this and it's not in all your work, some of your work seems to communicate liberation of the abused, but that doesn't make it attractive either, they are in victimhood and what sexually abused woman usually feel about their bodies are a big fat 0, and it somehow take attractiveness away should you portray that. I detect that some of your art is trying to tell you something and it ends up making the female body a shamefull thing or the way you look at it feels wrong. You need to make some choices, it's up to you. That inner stuff will also reflect back into your work.
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