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    Smile Posture help

    Hello Asagiki's the name, new here and decide my frist post should be meaningfull.
    I finnaly got out of a art block of 2 years and decided to draw ^_^ This is what i came up with.Attachment 565147

    Um Basicly I want Crits (deviantart sucks at people giving crits), I plan on redraw/tracing it, in a art program if i get my hands on one at school or i mangage to buy another wacom pen for my own home use.

    Also i would like to know your opinion on what kind of style you feel it is. I'm trying to get away from anime >.>.

    What i kinda know and need help on.
    • Her hands suck
    • Her ARMS!!!
    • Her body seems to be leaning weird, feet to waist is fine, from that point on it seems off to me
    • Her nose sucks too...

    Thanks in advance
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    great start from the block ' her pose right now would seem to me like she was leaning against something like she could be blocking the door to the bathroom or somthing' if she is just standing she would fallover' i think this is great and looking for some refference photos could really help image if you where standing in this position where your center of gravity is in line with the rest of your body' cant wait to see some more
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    just see this as practice. don't mind it and do more.

    try to draw from life/pictures, in that order.
    Friends, yourself in a mirror.

    get artbooks and anatomy books. burne hogarth.
    keep at it!
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    Follow the lines of the leg - there's no way the legs are attached to her body, which is part of why it looks so strange.
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    I saw this and thought of fashion illustration, maybe that's something you should look at?
    Also, it looks like her right leg is broken (our left)
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    The thing that bugs me about the piece is less about the pose and more about the composition. You crop each side touching some part of her. That is usually not good.
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