Hey Guys,
im currently studying Arts at the Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg and our Professor put up a little Contest. The aim is to earn 50$ or more (who earns the most, wins) with graphics related stuff we created (deadline is next week).
So I thought of something that is cheap and that every CG-Guy wants:
I have here 48 Pictures of Smoke that I took in our Photography Studio at the Academy.
They were shot against a Seamless black Wall, so they can easily be used as overlay layers in Photoshop composition (thats what I use them for).
The Camera was a Nikon D300 and they are all 2848*4288 and come as Jpegs (originally they were Tifs, but were 34MB per Image...).
Here are some samples:

I would say 5,50 $ or 4 Euros would be a fair price.
You can pay either via Neteller or Paypal.
My Emailadress at both is Fraeger@gmx.net
Just send the Money with your Email adress and Ill send you a Link and a Password so you can download them (normally im on my PC the whole day, so it shouldnt take longer than half a day till you get the Mail.)


Johannes "Fraeger" Boehm

P.s.:I hope I dont offend the Rules the Forum here, as I said its for University and Ill delete the Post on Wednesday next week.

P.p.s.: Didnt really know where to post this, so I thought Fine arts since its for my Art Class