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    Conceptual Architecture Thesis

    Hello there,

    I'm not exactly sure where to put this, but I think this would be the most appropriate place. I am working on a thesis about architecture and I wish to gather as much knowledge as I can about the use of architecture in concept art or 3D-modelling for games or animationfilm. I want to make a comparison between the conceptual architecture and real architecture to see wether or not constructions drawn for games or animationfilm can actually be realised in reality. I also wish to learn about how to make conceptual architecture myself. Basicly I want to use this thread as sort of an interview for my thesis. A source. I'll add some questions now, I'm sure I'll come up with more as we go along: Have you studied architecture before doing environmental concept art (buildings) and if so, why choose that over the real deal? Would you like to see buildings you have drawn/painted be constructed in real life? Do you ever come up with concepts for buildings that seem to be more efficient than what modern architecture is doing, so much so that you would want to go to an architect and have them look at your plans? Do you ever draw a blueprint for a conceptual building? Do you drawn buildings from you imagination or because you were ordered them in a certain way? etc., etc.... If anyone has extended experience in my subject, I ask you to contact me here or on my e-mail:

    My thanks in advance,
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    Sounds like a very interesting topic. I am also in search of an architectural thesis and would like to see the relationship between concept art and architecture. I come from an illustration/animation background and is currently receiving my masters in architecture. Someone that comes to mind is Lebbeus Woods. he is considered an architect but only theorizes and create phenomenal illustrations.

    in my thesis im trying to find a relationship with sci-fi media and architecture. im searching for any type of contrasts, analogies, theories, techniques, styles...anything. finding an argument is the most difficult part. if anyone can shine some light on this subject please contribute.


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    Heres a few books that may come in handy:

    What an Art Director Does
    by Ward Preston

    It's about live-action Production design and has principles that cross over into animated as well.

    Film Architecture - Set Designs From Metropolis to Blade Runner
    Edited by Dietrich Neuman

    Its a pretty good book focusing on some of the inspiration and history of the set designs of a good bit of contemporary architecture in film. As far as I'm concerned Fritz Lang is like the father of modern movie Sci-Fi . . . combine him with Ed Hopper and you get either Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell!

    Another source of material is pretty much any book about Hugh Ferriss. His drawings have inspired a good bit of film architecture as well. What comes to mind, at this moment is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which sucked as a film but did look good.

    I'm mainly coming from a production design background on architecture, really superficial at best.

    I would have tried for the real thing but my math skills suck. I've never drawn any architectural blue prints for a building but CAAD does come in handy for basic layout and set design, the basics cross over without the complexity of building codes and the like. As far as collaberating with actual architects . . . I am in the works for a small venture, but mainly to do concept work and concentrate on stuff, that Hugh Ferriss did in his drawings . . . again, superficial on my end of things. Unlike with things in the real world the only thing that I'm concerned with is the last thing that the camera sees or whatever the end result of my drawing is.

    Anyway . . . hope this bit helps!
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