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    house of icons

    Hi friends..
    i'm new in here...
    i lived in Lippo Village - Indonesia.
    so, now i'm gonna share you guys some of my artwork escpescially on urban toys, bobble heads also animal.

    sorry for the bad pic.

    1. My own urban toys, made for indonesia's famous band. I made about 55 pieces. It took a bit long becasue its quiet difficult on the paint job and the shape is rounded like a ball. the measurement size is 6 inch tall, Made by ressin matreials. its hand painted with decals application on it.
    so. here's the pic:
    house of icons

    house of icons

    2. These are my Koi's fish sculptures. My clients wants me to made for 290 pieces in ressin materials. so, here's the pic. =]

    house of icons

    3. This is my latest product that i'd made. its simple, the concept is taken from head knockers,, i called it the "the knuckle heads". I made it for my friends, he likes shadowmoon so i made his body "shadowmoon". =]

    house of icons

    There's still my anothers sculptures pic that i want to share in here.
    Right now i'm working on my T-Rex Project.
    i'm gonna share the progress pic, because i need an input from you before it finished. =]

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    I wish I had an army of round-headed minions crowding around my paint table. And 290 koi? You certainly are having to put the time in with these projects.

    The paints look solid and peering into your workspace was a real treat.

    As for the Kamen Rider Bobble Head, I love this sort of friend-meets-superhero concept. The armor looks solid and the casual pose (crushing the other face into the grounds) is fun.

    The eyes on the face are the only thing that really stands out for me as something I'd like to have seen handled differently. They appear just a bit flat in comparison to the curvature of the face. It certainly doesn't take away from the success you've had here, but it's something to consider for future projects.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ... a cry went up into the shuddering air, and faded to a shrill wailing, passing with the wind, a voice bodiless and thin that died, and was swallowed up, and was never heard again in that age of this world.

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    Thanks for your comment King Unicorn..
    i really appreciate it.
    yup, for me eyes is the hardest part in painting applications.
    I have to get more practice tough. =]

    And for the 290 pcs of koi's...yes it is, it took about 2 months to finished the project... haha...

    Good luck on you King Unicorn
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