How do you color/paint lineart on Painter 7?

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    How do you color/paint lineart on Painter 7?

    I recently got Painter 7 because I was amazed of the quality of the images and everything, but since I have been a fan of photoshop since I can remember, it's hard for me to let go since "some" of the stuff can be done as well on photoshop.

    But however I love some of the artwork, and I am beggining to color my own drawings, can someone explain a little bit of a tutorial or something, or link me to a site that explains on the basics how do you paint/color drawings on Painter 7.


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    Hi Darkness,

    Look in your Painter 7 application folder for a folder named tutorials. If it installed with the application you should find a 'LineArt' file (LineArt.pdf on the Mac version) in the tutorials folder. Both are pdf files for which you will need Acrobat Reader to view them.


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    ctrl 4 brings up the layers panel

    then make your ink drawing
    >then make a new layer
    [ icon sheets of paper below the layer
    >then choose multiply instead of default
    in the pull down menu above the layer your working in.

    just start coloring.

    multiply is what you want to color in so the line stays on top.
    color goes behind the lines.

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    I just create an alpha channel from my blacklines in Photoshop and convert it to a selection, then fill the selection with black or whatever color you want. Finally just export to Painter....just one way of doing it.

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    painter tut

    first time postin here, but here is a good tut for takin your drawing into painter and painting it without painting over your drawing.

    its the ryan wood tut for Canhead. its for painter 6.but it still works.and if you want you can place a drawing ontop of the canvas and then make that layer a gel and you get the same effect.but the drawing stays after flattening.

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