Hey there everyone!
So, for the past few weeks I've stolen three kids in one of my computer classes, and I've been working on teaching them what I know about digital art and concept art/character design. They're all good artists, and have good ideas, and it's really great to see them working hard with what I've shown them.
I've been teaching them how to color in scanned drawing with OC 1.1 (The computers here only have Photoshop Elements, so I doubt I'll be able to work with Photoshop), and the school has little Wacom Bamboo tablets, and they're making awesome progress.

I want to start moving with them in the direction of concept art, good/bad character and story design, and things that would help them art-wise and knowledge-wise. But since I've never worked for any company, I really don't know what I should be teaching them and doing with them.

So, I'm asking for some help from you all. Those of you who have, or are working for someone, what are some things that would be useful to know? Or those of you that've gone to school to learn these things, what are some basic things to know, or some helpful things to teach?

Thanks ton in advance, I'm real excited about teaching these kids, and wanna end up teaching them some good things.