Sketchbook: Nele still hopes she'll get good eventually - Update: August, 21st
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Thread: Nele still hopes she'll get good eventually - Update: August, 21st

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    Thought it was time for another update. I don't really know what to say. Had a one of those "I can't draw, I'll never get good" weeks, and try to recover. So I'll just drop this here and go on painting :3 Lalaallalala *sigh*

    Infinit, Markus: Oh man, you guys killed me! *lol* I just uploaded a picture I worked on for months and noone says a thing about it, and you pick one of my stupid sketches I even didn't want to upload at first because I thought the pose looked awkward... Gruargh... Anyways, you learn from your mistakes, don't you? So thanks anyways
    Also I think my anatomy skills need work in both genders. The perspective problem is not specifically male, but my female figures also got this problem. So I'll keep working on both. You can never know enough anatomy, can you? T_T Hmnahhhh

    aks9: I already bought some of my supplies, but I'm still missing one piece so I can start building up my construction. The waether sucks anyway at the moment But I'll post a tutorial on how I built my plein air construction as soon as I get to build it, promised Not sure though, if it will be the right thing for you. It will be still some stuff to carry around so I don't know if it's comfortable for a hike.

    Rafal: Uh, I got a stalker Haha.
    And yep, my poses need work, and I'm still practicing. I'm sorry they don't look better, I honestly wish they would, but what can I do about it besides keeping up the studies? Maybe I'm just too stupid? I don't know... D:

    This actually was a little study I did following a tutorial out of a painting book on acrylics. It has this cheesy colour look to it. Just add unicorns and a waterfall.. don't really like it. Not an approach I will be following...

    And a quicker SCS... wow, yes, I keep doing them once in a while. First on kinda "finished" since motnhs...

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