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    block in drunk animation

    Here's my take, it isn't timed out, just laid out even.

    A drunk character block-in. It's for the CGtalk weekly animation sessions. There are parts I know of that I should have added more poses and there are parts where I added too many and was unnecessary. Critiques would be nice. Thanks guys.

    if the youtube doesn't show up try this

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    And copy pasta'd from CGTalk aye?

    I don't know about your poses, take when he walks off for a spew for example. His back is upright the whole time, there's no counter balance at all.

    When he stomps towards the lift at the start I think his steps are too exaggerated, can't say I've seen many drunks take giant steps like that. Have you used any ref for this?

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    He isn't reading as drunk at all. Those steps are way to balanced and long. At the beginning I thought he was sneaking.

    This question will come across as mean, but I am honestly asking it. Have you ever been drunk?

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    Get references, real people stumbling drunk, from slighly intoxicated to outreageously hammered. Reality is the best ressource to tap in for inspiration, even for cartoony animations.
    Oh and you'll notice that when drunk, we not only loose our balance forward but side to side too...

    It was mentionned before but the only way you could pull off such a giant step would be to have a huge momentum from the previous fall in. Unless you intentionally want to fluidly animate him like the Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons, I'd consider revising this move.

    So I'd try to look at ref, make a clear and short (interesting..) synopsis of what I want to express, choose segments of my animation and block them. Your skit looks waaaaaaaay too long to block in completely so far.

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    You can have giant steps when drunk, but it’s usually when someone is trying to sneak in and not get caught only to walk into the hat stand and knock over Grandma’s priceless china pots. But, saying that, he could be practising before hand in front of the lift. You know the scene and where it’s going.

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    Awesome thanks guys. I did a terrible blocking job and find that i'd have to redo the whole thing. Some of because of your comments, but it's not cause i dont want to or feel ashamed of it, I just feel I can't successfully pull off this animation with these blocking poses. Thanks eh?

    More to come HANG TIGHT!

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