Community Podcast [UPDATE 3/23] Ep#4&5: Hurricane Interview & UK Edition
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Thread: Community Podcast [UPDATE 3/23] Ep#4&5: Hurricane Interview & UK Edition

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    0 Community Podcast [UPDATE 3/23] Ep#4&5: Hurricane Interview & UK Edition

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure this is my first post in the lounge (at least in a very long time), but I believe it is in pretty good intent!

    Us fellows on the VENTRILO channel (Davi, Robert B., myself and a few others) have been tossing the idea around for a Community Podcast. Since we all talk to eachother on a fairly regular basis we figured it would be worth a shot to get this rolling, and the basic idea is to emphasize community as much as possible. We want the topics to be up to you guys, the show to be up to you, and we are not planning to be the hosts forever, we just want to get the ball rolling on this. I'd also like to to note that I am not trying to step on the official podcasts that Jason Manley releases, and I let him know my intentions a few weeks ago, the idea of this is to be much more interactive and regular, as opposed to the grander ArtCast. This is just to add some more life to the community and hopefully give you guys something you can listen to whilst painting on a weekly basis!

    The basic format is going to be as follows (feel free to make input, this is just what I have in mind):

    WEEKLY PODCAST (3 per month roughly 30-45 minutes each):
    • Introduction of members hosting
    • Go over community activites (DSG/COW/EOW/etc.)
    • User-generated topics, if there are none we will come up with topics (the bulk of the show)
    • Help section w/questions pertaining to techniques, programs, etc as well as sharing tutorials

    MONTHLY SPECIAL PODCAST (1 per month roughly 45-60 minutes each):
    • Special guest either from the forum or the industry to talk, we will let everyone know who this guest will be in advance on the forums so people can contribute questions to ask them.

    We are also looking for people to contribute (people with audio editing capabilities, people to look around the forums for topics to bring up, and people that are willing to help host). If you want to help out PM me and we will be glad to have you!

    Finally, just to give some pretext for the show Davi and I decided to record a short snippet of what will be to come, I apologize for the quality, we didn't plan too much for this one though :
    temporarily unavailable, give me some time to get the hosting back up

    [UPDATE: The first official CONCEPTART COMMUNITY PODCAST IS UP! or to subscribe!]

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