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    do a good deed, help kageko to (for once) finish a piece

    ok, so heres the deal, im usually a 3dartist, but i want to be able to do my own concepts so i figured id start making some 2d art as well, and well, tbh i suck too much to feel like i ever want to finish a piece, but i figured i might as well do this and see if i can actually make something half decent if i spend enough hours fixing every little issue

    which brings me here

    so i wanted to do a painting of elizabeth bathory, finally made a sketch i sorta liked, and so i started painting it, and ive only gotten halfway through the face before i realised its fubar, so i improvise a new face and here we are, there are still some things that i just cant seem to spot right now (its 7am btw ) i know, i know, its horrible, but its the best i can do for now, hopefully ill be back with a little more steam tomorrow. ^^

    i was hoping for some good pointers, and please feel free to be brutally honest, im new, and im learning and most of all i want to get better, so whack away

    edit: forgot to mention, this is about 3x zoom and so just a small part of the final piece but i felt it was the most important part to get right first
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    Do a good deed, help me develop as an artist, give me a backbreaking crit in my sketchbook!

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    looks like a good start- I think some of the features need to be nudged a bit- heres a redline-
    do a good deed, help kageko to (for once) finish a piece
    **I did not use reference so this may be imperfect but I think it gets the point across.

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    Pay more attention or think about your lightsource more, you are missing some spots of dark under her bottom lip

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    I dont know about using grays on the face, it seems too dirty.

    The head seems right, but i dont know about the features.

    Why not to use reference at this point?

    Looks good from the artistic/inspiration side but needs more work.

    Maybe the colors are too pinky to me, and the background, dont know.

    Well, dont get discouraged from my crit, the girl is looking mysterious and had angel on it, maybe a little features/color tunning will do the job.

    And please, remember, the hair pays a big role too, try to express his hair too.

    Hope to help! I had done a lot of faces and this face reminds me of that time.

    Good travel!
    T=ART, ...keep going to that special place, never surrender...

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