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    Demoreel Discussion

    I wanna talk demo reels.

    What do you guys think would go into the ideal reel? Any examples of what you think are superior examples?

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    Best resource for demo reels and the ilk I have seen is on

    Just go to whatever subsection you're interested in, there's bound to be a thread on a demo reel.

    Best thread I have seen so far, and is:

    Read it all and read it all and read it well, very interesting points from color bars to music and even to what companies want.

    As for examples of demoreels, you can always checkout for his demo reel and development concepts as well, he is now working at disney.

    One of my personal favorites: she is currently at dreamworks.

    There's a lot more info out there, just do some searches and get started reading that looong thread if you haven't already.


    Should've actually added this thread and been done with it:

    That will link you to other threads concerning demo reels, etc. including the "147 demo reels thrown away" thread.
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    Thanks for the web sites. The sheer amount of quality work this guy did as a student at Cal Arts is very impressive and explains why he's' where he is today.
    He has the love for animation and the drive that it takes to really get good at something. The talent alone isn't enough.

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    That last showreel was absolutely awesome! Wow, I feel inspired!

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    I forgot where I read it, but I do remember seeing somewhere some really good tips for making a demo reel, I do remember the tips though.

    1. Don't make it too long, or people will get bored, even if it's amazing.
    2. Really, put in your BEST work, not your favorite. You want to impress them, even if you don't love something, if it's really well done, use it.
    3. Use music, make it something that anybody can appreciate, if you use your own music, that's fine, just don't make it all hip-hop or rock like. Classical seems to be a good choice, but don't use Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (Ode to Joy), it's the most popular one I've seen.

    Those are what I remember, If I find the link, I'll add it here.
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