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    Character concepts

    I'm posting this here as I haven't had much critique in my (admittedly short) sketchbook thread and I want some feedback from the fine folks here at CA.

    Background info- I've been off of drawing for quite some time (10+years) so I have a lot of ground to make up. At the moment I'm working on a 6 year old Wacom Cintiq Partner tablet, on a laptop with a 17" screen, using the tools aren't the best right now but more than enough for me to learn the ropes. I have little digital illustration experience so everything is new to me. Right now my focus is the basics- learning to work with brushes, layers, the color wheel, etc.

    This is the first in a series of generic character portraits I am putting together to sell to desktop publishers of RPG material. Its not done yet but I could tinker around with it forever, right? This is intended to go in a PDF file, hence the grayscale. The workspace is A4 size, 300 dpi. I'd love to hear any and all constructive criticism. Since I'm just rewetting my feet, I'll take any feedback I can get! Thanks in advance.

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    these are a pretty good start, perhaps the girls closest eye is a little large, looks like its more flat on compared to the direction the rest of the face is looking.

    I'd like to see more illustrations, full figures in poses etc
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    If you make either the background or the figures darker, they will stand out more. Right now, they blend together a bit.
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    @Soulweaver - Contrast. Yes. I'm not sure how to easily do this so I took the splatter background layer down in opacity and went in with dodge & burn tools to tweak a bit. I then went in with burn and hit some of the shadows on the main grayscale layer to make the heads 'pop' more. Was I successful? Or not enough difference?

    @Prof Wagstaff - Yeah, I kinda realized all along that the girl's eye was wonky. Funny how I sometimes keep plodding along with something I know isn't right. Chalk it up to bad habit & laziness I suppose. I went in and quickly reworked it. Looks better, but not great. I notice her mouth has issues as well. Maybe I should rework it again but I'm trying not to get too bogged down on this one piece so I can crank out some more. I'll take any crits to heart, tho, and apply them in the future.

    Thanks guys...sometimes its hard to believe the resource and inspiration this site provides...pretty much for anyone and at no charge. If anyone else has further comments, please feel free to lay them on me.

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