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    Post Inspiration - Sometimes it takes a push

    .... A push that we must do ourselves. Some people go to art school to receive this push, having many deadlines and projects to complete it is a motivator. What about the people who cannot afford an education specifically in art? What about people who haven't experienced rock-bottom?...

    I've noticed a trend... People who have had an easy childhood and have had countless opportunities tend to waste them. It is very sad, I am also in this crowd. Although I should call it a herd, its like being just another head of cattle being led by cowboys.

    How does one transcend to become a cowboy? It seems like people who have had very limited opportunities, and a rougher childhood, not having money or the resources to excel: It seems like these people make their own decisions and are better team leaders because of their survival skills, self motivation ( probably one of the most important skills when it comes to art, or really anything ).

    Some people use their relationship with God to motivate them, because that is the purpose of a real religion. It is to better yourself. Now I don't believe in a physical religion so to speak, I believe that other people believe in God? Nothing wrong with having a form of motivation as long as it is legal and moral.

    Back to the question, how does someone in the herd come to lead it? Start simple, give yourself MORE responsibility that is a great step. For people who are still living with their parents/guardians it is easy, start by doing more chores- do them gladly. I have been blessed to live in the country on a farm where we harvest grapes for either raisins or wine (sometimes juice for concentrate). I could take up many chores from feeding the animals to driving tractor and participating in harvest.

    So- start simple, clean your room more often (although some of us right brained people like clutter). Maybe do the dishes, mow the lawn, how many of us have actually asked our parents (for those of us lucky enough to have them) if there is anything we could help them with? Taking up more responsibilities gives us a sense of importance and self-worth knowing that we made a difference, no matter how small it may have been.

    Stop procrastination, if any of you make a new years resolution including not procrastinating will not hurt at all. Make important decisions thoughtful and carefully planned out, I can't tell you how many times during college this semester there was an essay that I had to do and I knew about it 3 weeks prior to being due and didn't do it until it was due in 2 days. So I started to force myself to do things earlier, at the very least starting on a project as soon as it was assigned. I must tell you, I don't regret making this change one bit. I have more time for doing what I love - art and music - and have time to double check my work thus getting better scores on papers.

    This is one of my favorite sayings, a thousand mile journey starts with one step. It is up to you to make that step, try not to get distracted by technology, channel its use to hasten your trip.

    Anyways I've rambled on long enough, writing these types of topics is how I motivate myself to grab up my sketchbook and start etching my thoughts into paper.

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    urg, i hope you dont mind if i try condense your rambling to a simpler question,

    "whats the best proccess to transform from being average, medicore, complacent, lazy, wastefull etc etc to being the best, professional, efficent, aggressive etc etc ?"

    This is a very interesting question, i wish i had some clue because so many of my friends have potential, but are just average. They have no will to be the best at something, no goals other than to go out on a weekend, i try to tell them but they just dont understand, there happy with each day being a rehash of the old ones (mine too are repeats, but i can say that each week i have a new set of problems to fix, just at this point fixing my problems dosnt result in a change of surroundings or lifestyle).

    i cant even explain how i got to be driven.

    i know it went like this, i had something (and i was already quite competative then) then i lost everything (or so it felt) and now as ive clawed back from having nothing in my eyes, to average, it still feels like nothing compared to what i can have.

    Perhaps you only realise how high the ladder goes, when your stood at the bottom looking up?

    (sorry if i was rude its 2:30, i cant sleep, im hungry. and yeah i realise i answered your ramble with a ramble, hopefully we can get some good input from others )
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    ya need a blog or something to keep writing , writing helps you out alot , keep it up

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