Cut and Paste Critiques
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    Cut and Paste Critiques

    Cut and Paste Critiques

    I am putting this thread together for people to use as a starting point for many commonly used critiques as well as some things to keep in mind to look for while critiquing work and remember when creating their own pieces. I am hoping that people use these to start a critique, and then expand on it to make it relevant to the piece.

    I am also hoping that this can become a helpful topic for newer people to see what are common pitfalls for artists in hope of possibly avoiding them in their own art.

    I hope to update this one frequently. I have a lot more which I will add when I get more time.

    DeviantArt vs. Conceptart
    Don't take it personally, just take it seriously.

    I am adding this because I keep seeing new members to the site migrate from DA to and are shocked at the style of critiquing found in these forums. DA can be a great place, but much of the time I have found what they call critiquing to be a little soft and overly flattering. "Wonderful", "Amazing" and "Can I worship/marry/serve you" are comments rarely found here. Instead, what you will receive is extremely hard hitting, often times painfully accurate advice as to the many, many things wrong in the piece in an attempt to make better art, and better artists.

    Remember that the people in this section are not getting paid for their help, and the lessons they are sharing with you sometimes cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of trial and error to learn the gems they are giving away for free. My art education cost me over $140,000 and 5 years of my life with little to no sleep... for the duration of the 5 years. You don't have to agree with every critique, but at least respect the intent in which it is given.

    Just to clarify in case people take it the wrong way, I am not intending to bash DA at all. Just noticing the differences in styles.

    The Library List

    After lurking around the forums here for years, I have seen so many people suggesting so many different books to study, so I am going to try adding an essential library reading list at the bottom of each section. Might as well start with Loomis.

    The Art of the Critique

    Right before I posted this thread, I was working on a similar thread that I thought would be very helpful in this forum too, but since it was not stickied it got buried pretty quickly. I definitely think that it is also worth reading and adding to if you like this thread. It is all about how you should approach a critique, both from the viewpoint of giving a crit as well as from the viewpoint of receiving one.

    Please feel free to jump on over and give it a read.

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