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    I am adding this because I keep seeing new members to the site migrate from DA to and are shocked at the style of critiquing found in these forums. DA can be a great place, but much of the time I have found what they call critiquing to be a little soft and overly flattering. "Wonderful", "Amazing" and "Can I worship/marry/serve you" are comments rarely found here. Instead, what you will receive is extremely hard hitting, often times painfully accurate advice as to the many, many things wrong in the piece in an attempt to make better art, and better artists.

    This, I cannot disagree. every time I ask for a critique in deviant art all I get is complements and sugar coating, then I ask myself "why am I wasting my time".

    DA is a HUG BOX! A place which consist of mostly underage females, a place where you cannot get serious.

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    i knew this indian guy who used to tell me that for a dollar he'd show me a miracle, i never took him up on it, perhaps for the best

    the same goes for advice on art, there are no one dollar miracles, just a long road (big mountain actually) of (daily) practice and introspection

    if you actually need a critique you're not critical enough on yourself and you're not an artist yet, you need to swallow your goddamn ego and look HARD at yourself (i.e. your work)
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    This is an image I've been working on if somebody could give me a critique on it That would be awesome. rip it to shreds!Processing...x

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    Yeah, i feel that art is really never finished.

    It is just so hard to get it perfect and there will always be ways to improve them. Any thoughts of when to stop painting and call it finished?

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