Recognise this painting/artist?

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    Recognise this painting/artist?

    I found this on flickr or a similar photo upload site (apologies to the photographer for re-posting it here). iirc, the photo was taken in 2007 at the Louvre. Anyone recognise the painting, know who painted it?

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    Could be a lot of guys: Hans Hoffman or Klee would be my first guess. But lots of guys did this kind of stuff from 1945-1960s.

    At least Icarus tried!

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    It's L'orchestre by Nicolas de Staël.
    Tineye is officially amazing.

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    Thank you, gents.

    Elwell: holy hell, man.. thanks for the link to Tineye

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    If Elwell hadn't found it first, I would have guessed for an Automatiste, like say, Jean Paul Riopelle. You might like his work.

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    Qitsune, thanks for the suggestion.

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