Request for submissions! Request for submissions!
Request for submissions! Request for submissions!

Jerron Smith an instructor of Computer Graphics and Animation at the Katharine Gibbs School in New York City, is looking for submissions for his forthcoming book project tentatively titled Digital Illustration.
According to the author, “this book will be unique in that it will combine the best aspects of illustration annuals (such as Spectrum and Expose) which provide a showcase for work of exceptional quality with in-depth artist interviews and critique of the work-in-progress. What I hope to accomplish with this book is to give the reader an insight into the creative process while giving the artists a venue to express and develop their own ideas as they relate to the creation of digital illustration. Unlike other works that deal with similar subjects this book will be unique in that we will not start with any pre-supposed conclusion about the art work itself. The content of the work, its direction and the books narrative all begin with the artists and the works that they contribute. I will serve mostly as an editor, and impartial commentator, helping the audience to see more clearly the content and the context of the artist’s words and imagery.” Also unlike other works this book project will not limit itself to one area or program that is used in the field of illustration and design but will instead take a non-program specific approach. It will strive to demonstrate the concept and techniques of the artists without limiting ourselves to discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of specific programs.

Organization of the book:
Each accepted work will comprise a single entry in the final book. Each entry will include the following sections:
1) High-quality reproduction of the finished piece.
If a submission is accepted as either a primary entry or as an alternate, the creator/submitter will be expected to provide a high quality/high resolution copy suitable for printing. Failure to do so by the stated deadline will result in an entry being disqualified and a substitute entry being chosen to replace it.
2) Demonstration of the piece as a work in progress, with explanation of technique/conceptual development.
Since one of the major reasons for the creation of this work is to offer readers an insight into the process of creating digital illustration all accepted entries must prepare and contribute copies of the project as a work-in-progress. Major benchmark stages of the illustration should be included in this section, such stages could include but are not limited to: thumbnails, roughs, comps, color studies, alternate/divergent ideas, test renderings, etc.
3) Interview with the artist regarding technique and conceptual development.
All of the artists who have work accepted for inclusion in the book will be asked to complete an e-mail based interview. This interview (and if necessary additional interviews will be conducted for the sake of clarity) will form the basis for an article on each artist and his/her work. These articles will comprise the majority of the text portion of the book. This section is intended to allow me as the author/editor to connect the reader with the artist and their work. I can offer insight into the works conceptual or technical development.

Submission Guidelines:
Please note, there will be no monetary consideration for work accepted for this book project. The compensation for the artists involved will be publication in the book itself, and a complimentary copy when the project is published.

Submission Procedure:
There are two levels of submissions for this project. The first initial submissions are to be submitted only via e-mail and will be used for evaluation purposes only. All artists whose work is chosen for inclusion in the book project will advance to the secondary submission stage.

Submission Deadline, all initial submissions must be submitted no later than, January 30th 2004

Initial Submissions:
All e-mail entries must include the following:
A: a low resolution (72dpi) reproduction of your art work
B: a complete list of software and traditional tools used to complete the artwork.
C: a brief description of how the work was created, for whom (if the work was self promotional please note), and the concepts and themes behind the art work’s creation.

Secondary Submissions:
The creators of all art work selected for inclusion in the book project will be contacted within one month of the submission deadline. At this time they will be asked to provide the following:
A: a high resolution (300 dpi) reproduction of the accepted art work
B: mid-high resolution reproductions of the work-in-progress.
C: an interview regarding there design and illustration process for the accepted art work (conducted via e-mail) for inclusion in the text portion of the book.
D: a photograph or alternate image of themselves which will appear along with a brief bio in the artist information portion of the book. Artists who wish to have their contact information excluded from this section can do so.
E: a signed copy of the book project’s general contract allowing the author the non-exclusive right to make use of the work for the purposes of this book project.

All work for consideration should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Please include the phrase, “book submission” in the subject line of your email

Any requests for additional information regarding the submissions process, the nature of the book project, or its upcoming publication should also be submitted to the address above.

Thank You,
Jerron I. Smith