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Thread: Gouache?

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    My new year's resolution is to do a master copy every night, with gouache. (I am not gonna touch my graphic tablet until I do about 200 master copies)

    But W&N gouache is obscenely expensive. Now, I have my eyes on Lascaux gouache. They are cheap and come in a big jar. But are they worth it? I had a very bad experience with China-made cheapo gouache. They smell horrible and their quality is beyond poor.

    If Lascaux gouache is decent enough, I'd buy them and do master copies. Any of you use Lascaux gouache?

    P.S. I live near LA county.

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    i've never used the lascaux brand guoaches, but i do have an aerosol fixative by them that is really nice. also, the lascaux brand cave paintings were pretty cool.

    I'd reccomend steering away from the winsor newton gouaches... i've had loads of bad experiences with them. The small Holbein gouaches you can get are much better and tend to change color less in the process of drying. really, they correspond to what you expect the pigments better than what you will find in the winsor newton.

    unrelated tip: Use Pelikan Plaka (white), it is a gouache-like (it's actually casein) product that you can use to give your application a lot more body!

    best of luck with your quest!


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    I'm using schmincke and lascaux gouache. The lascaux one really sucks though, and I'm only using it for underpainting and large areas, because its cheap. My main problem with the lascaux gouache is that its really unpredictable. Some colors dry a lot darker (especially the white) and some a lot lighter. Its especially annoying with subtle value shifts.
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