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Thread: Photoshop help?

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    Photoshop help?

    I've taken ALL day with this portrait. Had to fix things, trying to learn how to use photo shop...

    I worked with a computer with a mirror beside me, front of the computer. Made an overly too bold attempt to do a value study of my face. Well, I thought I'd learned a lot anyway.

    I've studied Loomises Planes to help me paint my face. (Maybe I should of done some thumbnails, constructional line studys/more planning before I jumped in...)

    I used round brushes, I have not explored all the other brushes yet.

    Attachment 547351

    I'm still critiquing it right now I need to use bigger brushes on Upper part of the socket in the right eye, a darker tone on the left nostril to push the bulb of my nose further out like a sculpture... Mouth needs refining but not too Much since focal point is my right eye, Need to clean up right eye .... Blah blah blah.

    Oh alas, I was not all doing-a-study-that-takes-day. It a simple, FOUNDATIONAL STUDIES, that was like in 1 or 2 hours, yesterday.

    There where these pleasing Baby steps... Like eyes, My cast In pretty tinted monochromatic cool and warm lights! The mass study made me understand.

    Attachment 547352

    Basically, I've got questions concerning my obsession over this photoshop.

    Should I continue my self portrait, Or continue with baby steps like those fondational mass paintings I just showed?

    Or should I Just continue with even tiny baby steps with graphite? (Don't worry, I still do them... A lot.)

    Any principles/tactics that i need to understand that would help work more efficiently in photoshop?

    (Want referece of my head for that self portrait? I'll try an set it up how I saw it, as soon as I return.)
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    Attachment 547715

    Attachment 547719

    I've done some studys. These sketches are trying to see the structure of my face.

    I tried to devolop my portrait some more...

    Attachment 547744
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    You need some more crisp and defined edges and darker darks. I find it easier to work with photoshop when I think of my drawing as a sculpture as I build it up.

    You can work on whatever you want to as long as you learn from it, just don't overwhelm yourself. The self portrait seems like a good start to me. I started by working from pictures, trying to get the same tones in grey scale from a color photo, and now.. I'm trying the much more monstrous using color with photoshop...

    Good luck!
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    Photoshops power is in someways matched with it's unfriendliness to new users of it. While the options might be a bit overwhelming, painting with PS doesn't have to be incredibly painful. Just keep in mind that it is a new medium, and thus it's going to take some time to get used to it. I worked as a self-taught photo-restoration artist with PS fixing minor things for years, but it still takes me twice as long to paint digitally with a tablet than it takes me to do work free-hand because I simply don't have the same amount of practice.
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