Sketchbook: Emil wants to learn how to draw & paint
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    wow no updates long time Things has been crazy at the university, lots of stuff to learn and do. But that doesn't mean that i haven't been drawing, i have about 50 pages of drawings that i need to upload. I'll distribute them over a 3 posts, just to keep everything nice and packaged :

    Last post: life drawings
    This post: stuff from last weekend and train sketches.
    Next post: Life drawing from this Thursday

    Now for some replies to all you wonderful people

    @ cole.ossus: The perspective studies actually sounds like a really good idea. Ill try it out.

    @ tokotewhero: Thanks - now go back and draw!

    @ towy: thanks

    @ Rotor: and i will!

    @ Lyno: yes trainsketching is really great! when you can find a place to sit that is..

    @ jackpot_anjr90: hey thanks for the heads up.

    @ kingkostas: Haha ok now i think i understand what you was saying

    @ 007-r0b3r7: thanks ill keep an eye out for that.

    --- And now for the actual update woohoo! :
    - 2x trainsketches
    - K-chen study (awesomeguy1)
    - Chares Hu study (awesomeguy2)
    - Kevin Wuest study (awesomeguy3 )
    - Character from imagination - Vagabond
    - Self portrait
    - speedy head study

    Attached Images Attached Images                
    My sketchbook:

    My brothers sketchbook:
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