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    I think I'm going to take a break from the CHOWs and do my own thing for a while. I'm honestly irritated with it... wish I wasn't because its rather stupid to feel this way. But I just don't get it... the stuff people vote for in there. I know it doesn't mean squat in the real world, but it is starting to discourage me, that my art isn't any good. Which is bullshit and I need to stop thinking that right now. *Bad Shannon!!*

    I wish there was a site like this for cartoon and comic artists. Maybe there is but I haven't found it yet... my Utopian Comic Illustrators Art site where people appreciate black outlines and non-realistic coloring and there is no Anime or Manga allowed. (Hey I can dream can't I? *grumble*)

    Anyways.... here is my uber crap rough sketch for the current POW... Bugs (as History). Nothing funnier than an infamous Mobster mass murder performed by Insects. LOL!

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