Sketchbook: CCThrom sketchies - now with non-CA content
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Thread: CCThrom sketchies - now with non-CA content

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    CCThrom sketchies - now with non-CA content

    Since I haven't touched my old sketchbook in a long time, I'm starting this as a new one. It's a kind of 'thank you' to ConceptArt for being the bestest place in all interwebzdom for art education and learning the craft of illustration.

    See, I frequently follow along with the CA activities, they give me much-needed breaks from work and chores... and without the vague feeling of non-productive guilt that comes from video games. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to actually complete them on time... what with the full-time job, wife, house, side-line career as a freelance illustrator, and an Aikido dojo I run out of our state college. Still, I'd like to share back to CA the work I sink into these "phantom activities". Sooo... without further ado, here's a sketchbook full of mostly ChOW and COW concepts (I love the work in EOW too, but I haven't attempted any yet) that would never otherwise see the light of day.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm going to start with my first attempt at a ChOW. It's the Spanish Inquisitor. I probably would have completed this, and been disqualified, if I hadn't re-read the rules and realized that portraits don't count.

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