Sketchbook: JailHouse: Matt's SketchBook(UPDATED Jan 12, I'M BACK!!!)

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    JailHouse: Matt's SketchBook(UPDATED Jan 12, I'M BACK!!!)

    Hello again concept art .org!
    As just a brief introduction, my name is Matt H. Im 16 (now 18 ) years old, from Auckland New Zealand, and Ive been drawing for about 4 years.

    Cool now thats out the way

    This is my second real sketchbook at CA, as my last account went down with technical difficulties (which are still to be resolved).That and the fact that my last sb was nearly a year old, I thought it was about time to start up another sketchbook.

    And Ive mentioned this before and Ill say it again, the Art on this site is of a mind-blowing high standard, and Im always a little uneasy posting my shit here.

    So please rip this sketchbook apart with crits and comments, as any feedback is always greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Im going to put a thumbnail in this post so look for artwork in the second.

    Cheers Matt.

    Old Sketchbook-

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