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Thread: please crtique my bathroom picture. :333

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    Cow please crtique my bathroom picture. :333

    hi, i'm doing my final portfolio in college, wooooooo introductory drawing.

    anywho- here's one of the pieces. its supposed to showcase all the techniques i supposedly learned in this class (nothing. hurhur. ) and what was originally supposed to be a simple line contour with a doll in it, has morphed into a photorealistic drawing fading into a line contour.

    any and all feedback, plz. anything i could do.

    with and without flash
    please crtique my bathroom picture. :333

    please crtique my bathroom picture. :333

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    Hmm... in my opinion the fading and the line contour occur with an audible THUD, CRASH, and KA-BOOM. Try some overlapping before you switch it up.

    The shading is very nice, but I think the perspective on the leftmost wall is not in touch with the rest of the picture. But that might be because the picture you took is slanted in the first place.

    The light source... is not a light bulb on the ceiling? Where is it? It looks like an open door, but the way I see it the door opens in the wall because it actually grows darker as it leaves the picture. I'm not sure where the source is here...

    I think you could have pushed the values on some specific objects like the pipes some more, and the door handle from the bathroom is almost obscured because they look so samey. It should be metal and gleam a bit more at the point where light hits it.

    The mirror is very confusing. It's a mirror right? On the left? Is it reflecting something? I can't tell D: Maybe it's because I'm tired and not seeing it xD

    Otherwise, nice pic, can't wait to see some fine-tuning on it
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    the light source is from the window on the left on a slant from upper left to right, so the pipes are obscured.

    the mirrors i drew are blank, i didn't want to spend a lot of time drawing the reflection, not to mention i think it would just be too much to take in.

    i tried using the fading of light on the floor, the half-finished upper left pipes, and the integration of the black and white grout lines (from line contour to photorealism) as the way to pull both sides together. i don't think the photos do the picture justice; its more gradual if you see it in real life.

    i'd really like to go back in with some work with the handle but it requires a precise tip and all i have to work with are chunky white charcoal and conte sticks i've sharpened so i'm struggling with that. i don't know if i'll have time to do that though cos this is due by wednesday and i have like three more items to do before turning this all in not to mention my four other finals.

    thanks for the comments.
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