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    ### Weekly challenges thread ###

    This thread is for posting pictures of weekly challenges, if you want to join you can read from the latest post what the weekly challenge is at time and deadline for it.

    After completing challenge you can post images here for everyone to enjoy wondrously.

    Meaning behind these challenges is to motivate to draw weekly different subjects and learn new things trought experimentation. These include enviroments, perspective, rendering, traditional media, monster design, character painting and so on...

    Ladies and gentlemen, you may start your pencils and draw

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    Weekly challenge
    Well, Nettle_Mountain asked me to choose a challenge, so I saw your sketchbook, and i find that this challenge will be helpfull for all of us :

    Weekly challenge : light and textures

    So the first assignment is an exercise which was given by briggsy@ashtons in the " fine art, studies, and discovery" section :

    Anoher example :

    So I think we have to do 3 times this assignment, you don't need to do a realistic ball, but just try tu put corectly sunlight, sky light, some reflective light, this kind of stuff !

    And for a more " finished " work, we have to create an outdoor scene with at least 4 different material and textures !

    Deadline : December 28 2008

    So here are some tutorial about colors/light

    PSG 7 :
    A really detailed light tutorial :
    easy surfaces :
    Maybe this one can also be helpful :

    Some step by step about how drawing fur, hair, and other things :

    If you have any good tutorial, feel free to share it !

    I hope you will like this challenge and have some fun !

    See you guys !
    thanks Nettle!

    and thanks Walid for the challenge!

    I think this is really cool!, cuz I gotta understand more about this!
    but I have 2 suggestions

    1: It would set the deadline to january, first. we can start a new challenge for a new year when we´ve done this one!

    2: for the challenges in general, I suggest that, after we post the finals here, we share, how we done it (what we´ve learned, where we had problems(mistakes and what was easy!)
    This will help all of us, and force us to think about our works and mistakes

    our slogan must be: "never do the same mistake twice"

    let me know what you think
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    well,well 31 dec! Happy new year ,I think!

    alright, here we go!

    first of all, apologize for not quite finishing but anyway…
    here´s my stuff:
    as I said above, I gonna tell you how I did it (quick)
    I´m totally unsure about the spheres. I have no idea how the work…I basically just did what felt right (for me ) …so there, advice or a link to tut talking about spheres would be really cool! thx

    the environment is still pretty much WIP, as you cans see…well, I strated it as a simple drawing and then had to fit it within perspectives…took me way to long…the started to paint. I´m pretty happy with the foreground…background must be re-organized! I tried to follow one light source but right now I just got simple shadow and no highlights at all... for the texture, I just started with stone…
    we had to build in 4 materials/surfaces. mine would be : stone (sandstone) wood/cotton/water……well basically…

    the scenery is inspired by the hanging gardens of babylon…
    I´m gonna finish it and edit into here…

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    Nettle_Mountain - walnut - SamC - Walid D - Nrx - Dilated - FraserMcT

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    Ohh just scraped it

    Is nettle alive or what? If he doesn't post something by midnight one of should seize the reigns and set a challenge.

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    Only really got metal as a texture
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