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    Hello, CA! I've kind of been to discouraged to draw for, oh, the past two years, and now I must kick my own ass around to get lots of things done (Not all art. But that's not for here.). I've developed some bad habits, forgot some things (Like many.), and in short (Bullet points!);

    - 2 years rusting
    - I am impatient
    - Sometimes my hands get cold. Where I live (not disclosing ) the climate is icy-cold most of the time. This can really be a problem, as inside or outside, my cold hands are slow and clunky and sometimes I can't even write legibly because of this. Yes, I wear my gloves, too. (Just not when drawing.)
    - Sometimes I don't want to upload my shit for crits...So yeah. (Auto-ass-kicking time!) But for you my own good, I'll make myself do it at least periodically.
    - ARTIST'S. BLOCK. (Related to dogheads) I need help to get myself inspired (It seems I've forgotten how to do it.). Sometimes nothing seems to motivate me, and since that can't be true, what do I not know about revving myself up to learn more? Or even have fun?

    + I'm going to try harder! No, I mean it this time. Really.
    + I'm doing more life drawing (Still not enough.)
    + I'm drawing more people, but
    - I need to work on fashion design (Lol casual wear)
    - I need to work on architecture (Block city!)
    - hands are the default issue
    - body postuuuure (Action line failing me halp)

    = I got some Rapidographs! I also have a 4x5 Graphire (But I don't do well with it. Not sketching.), Photoshop 3 (Basic, but still. It's a tool!), some regular tech pens, plenty of pencils (I've really been developing a preference for wood.).
    = My favorite items to use are actually alcohol-based markers with colored pencil on top. Still, I need to learn to use paints (particularly watercolor/gauche). Recommendations for unconventional tools may also help with the fun aspect.
    = Also, I'm 19. Just in case someone's wondering.

    So yes, I'm just asking for your suggestions on my negative points, and I can't think of much else to add except if I don't see you again soon, and you'll see me, I'm going to be very emo >

    - GR-X
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