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Thread: Voice chat?

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    Voice chat?

    Hey all, i was wondering if anyone was able to host a voice chat 24/7 or maybe even just for a full day.. like all sunday, every sunday.

    I know of a few chat programs that would work good for this, one being ventrilo, another being gamechat.

    Let me know if anyone is up to it.
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    Ventrilo is great.. Almost phone line quality providing you've get everything set on max and your using quality mics. My friend has a vent server up practically 24/7, I could ask him if it would be alright if a y'all joined in the chats. Im not sure how much would/could join due to the fact that it might lag him to death. Hes on 2mb line in london.. so im not sure how nice it would run for The Americans, Canadians and Asians but i know for a fact its great for most euros.
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    Ventrilo server

    This is hosted by a professional company in the uk so its up 24/7.
    Im not sure if we can use it 24/7 but my friend who pays for it said we could have a go on it and test it out. Im on there right now if anyone wants to join up and test it out.

    If anyone needs help in joining or setting up ventrilo just msg me in #art irc

    (oh.. and if anything seems a little weird about the room names within the server it's because this was originally bought for some clan my friend made for a game.. which is dead now, aparently)
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