Sketchbook: stay calm. measure. learn...
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    stay calm. measure. learn...

    September 2013 edit- practice and studies are slowly driving me mad. so many failures. and i am not used to failures, I'll admit. especially the Loomis heads books I have applied myself to is an epic failure. That's okay though. if I can just figure out what I am doing wrong. and I think I might have part of the reason. I am not exact enough in my measurements. soo.. I shall work on that extra hard.
    fingers crossed that this will help.

    august 2013 edit:
    so.. a lot has happened. another year past. and too little to show for it. had some wrist problems, which caused a slack in drawing. before i knew it, I'd forgotten about studies again. lost my job last month though; which got me back to drawing with a vengeance. thats good I think...
    what's also good is im studying, both loomis heads& hands and fzd school scene setup. trying to do both daily.
    whats not so good is, I gotto go out and show my stuff now; start making money as a freelancer again. im not happy with my portfolio at all though. the old version is 5 years old. I want to make a new one, but as usual, i lack focus. im an animator. I love animating. but I usually find myself just drawing; does tht mean I should just make a concept art portfolio instead? its just not good enough right now. food for thought.

    march2012 EDIT:
    so I noticed this june will be the 5 year aniversary of me having a sketchbook here on concept art. I started here:
    and here:
    neither lasted long. haha! well, 3rd time is a charm, so I guess this one will have to last for ever!

    I just did a sum-up to see what I learned; ( just digital concept stuff; I should do the same with traditional and digital from life.
    in other news, seriously back on track with drawing. study is on a hiatus for me, and my son likes to draw with me. if I tape the paper to the floor and use the children pencil set, I can happily draw for hours like that.. my daughter chews on a few, but I dont think it can harm her :p enjoying digital a lot too!

    so, I also set myselt a few challenges:
    participate in a COW challange (actually submit artwork before deadline) Vdone!V
    participate in a CHOW challange (actually submit artwork before deadline)
    participate in an EOW challange (actually submit artwork before deadline)
    participate in a POW challange (actually submit artwork before deadline)VdoneV
    participate in a IOW challange (actually submit artwork before deadline)

    haha did 2 already! but going to break from that now and do some study into the areas that gave me the most trouble: tones and enviroments!

    may2011 EDIT: wow. A lot has happened since I last updated this first and beginning post for this thread! I have become mother to a wonderful little boy and joyous baby-girl. I have started studying computer-science at the side and am slowly working my way through its first year. @ my work at the game- studio, I have also diverted away from animating and moved towards programming.
    It is funny to realize that I've seemed to have moved away from my life's goal as soon as I seemed to have reached it; I told myself a long time ago I would make my money doing what I loved. Which was drawing..
    When I got close I changed it to animating. Now, I think I want to make games.
    I am now doing this in a company. But I think I'd like to make my own concepts.
    Anyway, I 've decided to ride the train I'm on and see where it stops.
    But I don't want to -or probably can't even- stop drawing.
    What I've decided to do, is keep practicing mainly as diary illustrations for both my kid's journals.
    I want to keep my art at least at a level where I can use it for story boarding, or show concept ideas.
    I do want to animate again; but we'll see when and how. as for my comic, it is a little too graphic to work on with little children looking over my shoulder, so it's postponed
    I'm pretty happy with how my life is going, so I'll just take it as it comes for now.
    I started this thread to startup an animation /comic project I had in mind (project Redz). But I have to admit I've gotten a little side-tracked. With a baby coming in a month, and this tendency to get sidetracked all over, I'm not sure how realistic it is to startup my comic any time soon. Also, my priorities seem to be a little hussled right now.

    Goal of this Thread:
    As of right now, I'm going to be using this thread mainly as a tool to progress digitally. I will often also upload life drawings or anatomy studies, and maybe some animation tests. but I look at that mainly as practice or diary entries. I'll also post storyboards and such for 'project Redz' when I get around to working on that.

    Some Info About me:

    first of all, hi, I'm Agnes; I'm 32.. have a batchelor in art&education and a master in animation.
    I've done a LOT of watercolors. espec from animals. I've done live drawing.. all sorts. I started using a computer for my work 6 year ago; just for animation; that's when I started my animation education too.
    I've been trying some digital painting and such only lately.
    I consider myself pretty good in charcoal, ink and aquarel when its comes to drawing from life. but digital -especially color- isn't really at a level yet.
    Let me use the post to show some of my older stuff..
    and here.. a threadthumbnail
    Project Redz's page:

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