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    Question Is this a good graphic tablet?

    Hey, you guys, could someone tell me if this is maybe a pretty good graphic tablet? I dont have much money to waste so I was wanting to buy it off of ebay (I only have $40 to waste on something right now, with shipping and handling ) Ive never had a graphic tablet so i dont know whats good lol, if one of you sees something better than the one i was thinking of getting on ebay for maybe the money i have or less please respond. Also, the programs I was thinking of using this on (I dont know if it matters) is Paint Shop Pro, OpenCanvas (im loving that program, make a forum section just for that! ), Painter, and PhotoShop.

    As I said, I only have $40 dollars to waste, and I am new to digital art so I dont know if i would be good enought to stick with it LOL and i dont want anything big either cause i dont have much room to keep something else on desk, ima have to put it if i do get it on top of scanner when im doing other things with mouse

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    When you buy any tablet, be sure it's a good one, then you won't be "wasting" you money at all.

    Wacom tablets are good, the best, and are what most serious artists are using.

    Check the Wacom site at:

    They sometimes have refurbished tablets at better prices.

    The Intuos 2 tablets are more expensive and have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and higher resolution than the less expensive Graphire tablets, and also come in several sizes. I use an Intuos 2, 6 x 8 inch (working area) tablet and the size is perfect, plenty of working space, and it doesn't take up too much space on my desk.

    Wacom's Graphire tablets have 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and lower resolution than the Intuos tablets and I think the range if sizes is more limited than the Intuos 2 tablets. Lots of artists use Graphires and they're just fine, especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend right now.

    Until this year, I used the older Wacom ArtZ II tablet, the rough equivalent of today's Graphire tablets. I loved it and used it for 8 or 9 years without a single problem. It still works and I'll probably hook it up again to my older computer just for convenience.

    I would not have upgraded to the Intuos 2 except that I teach Painter and wanted to have current equipment in order to help my students better.

    Wacom tablets are the perfect partner for Painter as Painter makes full use of Wacom tablet's pressure sensitivity and other features and Wacom makes full use of Painter's brush capabilities.

    If I were you, I'd find the best deal at Wacom and save up my money to buy a good, reliable, and enjoyable tablet.

    Wacom's great about giving free tech support, too. They're very nice people at Wacom and I don't think you'll regret the purchase.

    Don't "waste" your money on something off the wall like what you saw on e-bay. I think you would be wasting your money.

    See what other artists have to say, though.

    Best wishes for a satisfying purchase. When you own a good tablet, you'll enjoy it... love it... for years and years.
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    That is NOT a good tablet at all. I have one and it absolutely sucks. The pressure sensitivty is crap, its slow as hell and the precision is horrible. Plus it has alot of driver problems, which by the way the drivers for windows 2000/xp dont come on the cd and are hard to find since the company website doensnt work probably because they went out of business (no surprise). Its your money but i highly suggest NOT getting that particular tablet.
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    you get what you pay for

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