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    Question Inking techniques...

    Hi everyone,
    For some times now i saw some lights here, and the door was open, so i just pushed in

    I got a question, how do you ink your drawings?
    I saw the el coro method in the sketchbook session,
    and i was wandering how can he do that?
    It's incredible...How to render the reflected light? the graduate state of light in an area? Is there any techniques ?

    Already thx,
    and i hope i'll see you soon with some of my drawings...
    (need a BIG scanner )


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    line drawings.

    i think it good to do crosshatching and pointalism.
    fine lines to thick lines.
    some use a pen some a brush so have to be carefull
    at what your seeing to tell differences.
    so a reflection may be put in using grey values.
    some dilute the ink with water to get a fainter line.
    some guys turn the nib upside ie allen cober.
    some guys file the sides of the repetograph pens down to a chisel.
    the variations are numerous.
    dashes and dots and lines.
    how far apart they are so you look at white space
    as well as the line.
    i use crowquill pens fine points.
    i use pelican inks find others dry up or clog.
    i some times bend the point down by turning the nib over
    if im getting too much ink.and pressing down gently.
    so it has a hooked nose to it.
    also papers play a role in how they absorb the ink.
    the smother might be better. hot press.
    dont want to much graphite under your nib.
    i use a metal scriber that some one on a metal site would use to scratch marks on messurments. to transfer my drawings down some use like a 8 H pencil.
    so check to see what you think is pen and ink against what is brush drawing.
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    there are plenty of approaches. most of them work similar to what a b/w newspaper print does: putting black ink in a more or less dense pattern next to each other.
    points, lines, small line fragments, patterns, your choice.

    as you haven't got the possibility to erase and have subtile graduations in opacity, you have to work very carefully.

    in general, you won't prolly achieve pencil-like results in ink as ink is a more graphic medium that allows you to either MAKE a dot or NOT MAKE a dot. no light grey point or dark grey dot or even a full black dot.

    for reflective things, you might go best with just indicating the reflected horizon in a chrome-like manner.
    i also saw some comic artists work with fill lights in ink. they just chose their darkest shadow area and feathered (making a sawtooth-like pattern that unites in full black, kinda zig-zag) in both directions, one a bit more dense than the other to indicate where the main light is coming from.

    for getting different shades of black/grey, you could also dilute yer ink with water and build up several darkening layers just a bit like watercolor.

    another example that sticks to my mind is loosely masking your drawing and spraying ink on it with a toothbrush. some areas you just let open for one or two spray and then cover while others you let open until they are next to black.

    just go wild & play around

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