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    Question Industrial Designers?

    I'm looking into ID and need some feedback. What does it take to be an industrial designer? I'm very precise & neat, but I wasn't great at math or science (and almost failed geometry). I'm not asking this because I'm worried that I might not be able to do it... I think I have the IDer personality (more orderly, rational, neat, maybe?) than that of a fine artist.

    I'm curious to know what ID's are "typically like". Is there a stereotype? When people think of an IDer, what usually comes to mind?

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    When I think of industrial designers, I think of folks who can render surfaces well, they draw products, transportation, and mechanical things well. That's not to say that's all they do but those are some of the things that all ID folks do well. Can you think volumetrically? How are you with functionality? Are you mechanically minded? How well do you factor in the human element when it comes to your creations? What about the tactile features of a product? Do you think about a product's function, its market and who it serves?

    Again, these are just some of the things that I think Industrial Designers do well but not all.

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    do what you love... ID is for the most part technical. very measured and controlled. I'm in an ID program and viscom 1 (visual communication 1) is all about how to draw form in perspective correctly and use it to design. Viscom 2 is about rendering surfaces (with graphite/paper) how to calculate lightsources, specular, cast shadows, bounce light- etc.

    I'd say if you want to learn how to draw EXACTLY, go for ID. You can also apply ID to concept design. Don't do what you think you should do... do what you love.

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