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    Foolsauce. . .Who's He?

    Howdy folks! I've browsed here awhile -- too scared to post, but I finally am posting a thread. Never heard that one before, right?

    Well, I've been doodlin' most of the sixteen years of my life, but I recently wanted to take a more serious look at my art. For awhile I've been really interested in concept art, and I really want to work towards becoming an artist as great as some of the people on this site! (<--I'm afraid that's not gonna' happen anytime soon)

    Meh, it'll take you enough time to look at my bad art, you don't need to read a bad essay too, so let me get on with this. I am always inspired by ya'll on this forum and your dedication to your art. Oh, and I'd love some crits on my stuff. Bash away! I can take it.

    This one is a copy of one of Raphael's drawings.
    Name:  Raphael_Copy.jpg
Views: 1255
Size:  61.0 KB

    A self portrait I had fun with.
    Name:  KindaGloomy.jpg
Views: 991
Size:  57.3 KB

    Random people's faces from photo ref.
    Name:  Face_002.jpg
Views: 1007
Size:  65.0 KB

    My brother while he was killing zombies in the video game "Dead Rising!" *Braaaains...*
    Name:  Danny_001.jpg
Views: 989
Size:  39.9 KB

    Different parts of my face. Mirrors are cool.
    Name:  Face_001.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  38.1 KB

    FEETS! A some of my brother and I's feet; how nice.
    Name:  Feet_001.jpg
Views: 987
Size:  62.9 KB

    It'sa apples.
    Name:  Apples.jpg
Views: 953
Size:  23.3 KB

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, and I'll try to post often!

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    Most stuff. . .


    I've been at my cousin's house ever since I posted last, so I couldn't post more (or draw as much). Anyways, here's what I've drawn.

    My older brother asleep. Not the one that was playing a video game, that was my younger brother.
    Name:  LorinSleeping.jpg
Views: 915
Size:  35.5 KB

    There were boxing gloves near me with a boxer on them, so I drew him.
    Name:  Boxer.jpg
Views: 1242
Size:  71.2 KB

    This is a study of one of Carrocci's drawings.
    Name:  Carracci.jpg
Views: 909
Size:  55.3 KB

    Name:  CatSketches.jpg
Views: 887
Size:  78.3 KB

    Apples with a ballpoint pen.
    Name:  Apples_002.jpg
Views: 892
Size:  125.4 KB

    Copied this from Bridgman, I will be doing some more of these. Perspective is off, structure is off, lines are horrible; oh well, I'll try harder next time.
    Name:  Head_001.jpg
Views: 873
Size:  41.1 KB

    Some random guy in a drummer magazine that was at my cousin's house.
    Name:  Face_003.jpg
Views: 863
Size:  69.3 KB

    Name:  Face_004.jpg
Views: 869
Size:  63.1 KB

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    Hey, welcome! I really like the last portrait! I am still learning myself, so I can just encourage you in your further studies and sketches....(esp. Bridgam, his books rock!)


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    Khakibin: Thanks a ton for posting here! Thanks for the encouragement. You keep workin' at it too, and let's both never stop learning.

    Well, here's my stuff from yesterday.
    Name:  Grapefruit.jpg
Views: 622
Size:  55.4 KB

    My little brother again.
    Name:  Danny_002.jpg
Views: 606
Size:  64.9 KB

    Playing around with self portraits.
    Name:  SP_003.jpg
Views: 606
Size:  78.9 KB

    Some studies of my hand. . .
    Name:  Hand_001.jpg
Views: 617
Size:  91.6 KB
    Name:  Hand_002.jpg
Views: 601
Size:  43.6 KB

    Crits would be appreciated. Thanks!

    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    Last two days of stuff.

    Well, here's the last two days of drawings, Bridgman studies!

    Actually, let's start this off with this really bad self portrait.
    Name:  SP_004.jpg
Views: 600
Size:  75.3 KB

    Now for some Bridgman. First one is pretty ugly, but I think they get a little better as I began to understand the forms a bit.
    Name:  Head_003.jpg
Views: 603
Size:  65.8 KB

    Name:  Head_004.jpg
Views: 588
Size:  65.1 KB

    Name:  Head_002.jpg
Views: 579
Size:  80.1 KB

    This one below is not referenced, just imagination.
    Name:  Head_005.jpg
Views: 596
Size:  84.6 KB

    Back to Bridgman reference.
    Name:  Head_006.jpg
Views: 594
Size:  76.1 KB

    Name:  Neck_001.jpg
Views: 815
Size:  97.6 KB

    I drew some of Andreas Vesalius' skulls, so I couldn't resist drawing that skeleton dude.
    Name:  skeleton_skulls.jpg
Views: 630
Size:  95.4 KB

    Feelin' kinda alone in this thread, but I'll keep posting.

    Last edited by Foolsauce; November 12th, 2008 at 08:25 AM.
    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    Haven't posted in a few days, and that's cuz' I've not drawn nuthin'! I was away a couple and lazy the rest. Stupid self.

    On the lighter side, I did get in a couple yesterday.
    My foot and hand.
    Name:  Feet_002.jpg
Views: 781
Size:  76.8 KB
    Name:  Hand_003and4.jpg
Views: 808
Size:  61.3 KB
    A study of Michelangelo's Head of Lazareth. The one I copied from wasn't in color, but it said red and black chalk, so I decided I'd have some fun with it -- the black isn't actually chalk, it's conte crayon, I think.
    Name:  MichelangeloHeadofLaz.jpg
Views: 783
Size:  109.0 KB

    Thanks again for lookin' at my stuff.

    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    Badly proportioned chests here!

    Good morning CA Forums! Here's my Bridgman from yesterday. Not too much, but oh well.

    I did a little more work on the neck, because I've yet to understand the forms.
    Name:  Neck_002.jpg
Views: 761
Size:  40.1 KB
    Then I started tryin' out the torso.
    Name:  Torso_001.jpg
Views: 780
Size:  51.2 KB
    Name:  Torso_002.jpg
Views: 747
Size:  73.4 KB

    Well, they came out ok, but I really need to get some reference of people to understand the shapes better. I can't fully comprehend the objects Bridgman draws; I need to correlate it to real life. Hopefully I'll be able to do that today, if I have a computer to look up reference on.

    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    My biggest crit would be on some of your drawings of people from life. You're obviously trying to get them done quickly, but it's making your lines really fuzzy and, consequently, the forms are hard to make out. It would be better for you and your audience if you worked on getting more definite shapes and tried to recognize the construction of a human body beneath them. The studies of other artist's work are the best; you should keep doing those. Sometimes you can learn more about something that's hard for you to grasp if you study other art instead of (or as well as) life.

    Also, how do you post images amidst text instead of just at the end of a post? Is this as tricky as it appears to be, or am I just a moron?

    Do more self-portraits!

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    Hey a fellow 16er! I like your Renaissance studies but it looks like you're doing them a little too quick. Those people took their time! Try to slow down a bit.

    Don't worry, I had the same problem.

    I dig the Bridgman studies too but try to learn about the full body as well, not just the head. Otherwise you'll be a master at heads, but you'll suck at full body shots. Try to master both. Anatomy is your friend.

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    I like where your sketchbook is goin', sir Your studies look promising -- I love this hand study, btw; push those values! Darken those darks

    Keep doing what you're doing and draw draw draw!

    Look, see! Nifty art!

    Hey! Check out my blog here
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    Wow. Thanks a ton for all your posts!

    Craz:Yeah. I'm pretty bad at studying from life. I don't have any good places to just sit down a long time and draw a brother or from a mirror. I could still do still lifes easy enough, but...okay, no excuse to get me out of that one. I'm trying to learn the construction now. Hopefully that'll start showing up in my drawings soon! BTW, here's how you set your attachments directly in your posts. After using the attachment manager, just click this little paperclick and do "Insert all."
    Name:  attachmentmanager.jpg
Views: 518
Size:  41.7 KB
    Hope that helps!

    BubbaGump: I know what you mean about the speed. I get impatient after a while, and that is why it gets sped up. I did take a few hours on the Raphael (which I actually did a few months ago) and the Carrocci was maybe an hour. The Michelangelo was only about 10 minutes though. As for full body stuff, I hope to do some of that soon! I am excited about working on the flow of the whole figure at once.

    AmontilladoAg: Thanks so much for the encouragement! But noooo! Darkness is scaaaary! Yeah. I've gotta' learn to push the darks in drawings, like I tried in that hand drawing you linked too (sorta' forgot midtones in that one though). I'm not very good at translating values from the subject to my page yet.

    Here's my junk from yesterday, I hadn't read any of your posts yet, so none of that is applied. More torso stuff. Please ignore that head I pasted on that guy, and the word bubble. They are a sign of momentary boredom. These ones are from exercise videos. Lol...
    Name:  Torso_001.jpg
Views: 639
Size:  69.5 KB
    Name:  Torso_002.jpg
Views: 520
Size:  79.5 KB

    Below is myself in a mirror...the bathroom mirror, not a great place to draw. And, yeah, I know I'm a scrawny loser.
    Name:  Torso_003.jpg
Views: 506
Size:  59.9 KB

    Okay, I think my torsos are all too long at the moment. I'll watch that next time. I didn't draw today, cuz' I've been with my cousin all day. I'll try to get in some drawing tomorrow!

    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    Howdy! I'm still here, I just haven't drawn too much.
    I drew today though!

    EDIT: Scanned them and put them together.

    Figure drawings. TV for reference.
    Name:  Figures_001.jpg
Views: 648
Size:  58.5 KB
    Name:  Figures_002.jpg
Views: 647
Size:  71.4 KB
    Some feets were cut off in scanning..but oh well. Better than camera quality.

    Last edited by Foolsauce; December 1st, 2008 at 10:24 AM. Reason: Changed to better pictures.
    My path to improvement: a.k.a, my lame sketchbook.
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    Hey Foolsauce !
    Ur definetly on the right path! As far as crits go I would suggest lookin up some Loomis books, it would help with making your drawings less fuzzy. I prefer Loomis over Bridgman mainly because it;s easier to make out the lines, and the sketches are "cleaner". I think it's important to see the exact lines of a sketch, specially if your at the beginning. It's less confusing. But hey, it's just my opinion. Keep on doodlin mate!

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