I am seeking a very talented pixel artist to work on my next mobile space shooter game... The artist should be a very talented guy with good 2D animation skills. The game will use a very improoved version of the same engine used on my first mobile game "Comic Blast" which will help to make an amazing game in short developement time.

Animated cartoonish style is what I'm looking for, something like this:

Generaly, the pixel artist will be responsible for creating about 10-20 animated sprites, 5 animated bosses and designing level maps -such cities and landscapes- (we won't use tiled maps system, since it's big performances consuming, we will rather use another system that I will describe later) Some other gfx are needed such explosions, powerups, items, splash screen, and text...

I am not telling it's gonna be a peace of cake, the work is very hard and it will take some time, but then we will gonna end up with a state-of-art game which we will be very proud of , and which will attract attention of big-publishers (meaning: big revenue) . a medium game quality will only get published by small distributors and the revenue won't worth the effort...

Also, we will need to support a wide range of handset's with diferent screen sizes, to enhance our chances for big revenue.... So all gfx should be resized and reworked 4 times, screen sizes range are : 128x128- 176x220- 240x320 and 416*340.

Againg, it's not going to be an easy work, but it will be a very good experience for both parties and hopfully will bring good money.

I will not able to provide direct pay at the moment, what I can offer is about 20% of the revenue the game might generate, as well as gfx credits.

If interested, please email some examples of your work to :
info [@] samurai [-] games [.] net

Note: Topic will be closed when position is filled.