I been checking out this site for over a year a finally decided to join but now that I have I am not quite sure what to do. I draw a lot and would like to share and get critiqued but don't know how or where to upload. If you all haven't guessed yet I'm not the most technologically savvy person out there so bear with me. Actually thats another reason I joined. Most of my art is graphite on paper and I have an interest in digital art but don't know where to begin. A teacher suggested gimp(which I couldn't make heads or tails of) but it seems that photoshop is the standard and I don't want to waste time.
Now for some questions. Does anyone actually use gimp professionally? When and if I get photoshop how important is a tablet? And where and how do I post my drawings.

Thanks to anyone willing to read the wall of text and more so to those that help.